Herald graph hides SNP strategy working impressively: Should we be assisting or advising NHS England now?

I don’t know where to begin. I hope Kate Forbes has a look at this before given any of our money to the newspapers.

The Herald tells us how many there have been of new cases, deaths and hospital admissions but doesn’t ever tell us what the trends are so that we can know how to react to that news. More on that later.

First, though, the graph above, supposedly updated on the 4th February 2020. Why then does the Daily Cases line stop in October 2020? At first sight we’re in trouble. More later.

Second, what’s the good in the cumulative part which tell you there have been more again over the last 10 months but tells you nothing useful about what’s happening in your world today.

So from the Scottish Government in the last few hours:

895 new cases of COVID-19 reported

Seven day average now down for the last 30 days to one-third of the peak level in early January.

48 new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive

Lowest death rate in 24hrs when registries were open since January 1st 2021

117 people are in intensive care with recently confirmed COVID-19

Lowest number in ICU since January 9th and down for 15 days in a row from peak of 161 on January 22nd.

1,729 people are in hospital with recently confirmed COVID-19

Lowest number since January 12th and down from 15 days in a row from a peak of 2053 on 22nd January.

Easy, really.

12 thoughts on “Herald graph hides SNP strategy working impressively: Should we be assisting or advising NHS England now?

  1. The Herod want to show how impoverished they are–no journalists, fill their pages with Tory agitprop (Struan Pish), no hope, no spare cash (after profits are taken out) to buy pencils and notepads for their cub reporters.

    Please fund us, they plead.
    Send us your spare dollars, empty out the college fund, stop feeding Grannie and send the weans piggie bank pennies to US.
    US being the good ol’ US of A.

    The Gannett Co Inc is a hungry bird to feed.


  2. BBC Scotland forced to report positive news about vaccinations but the photograph had to be of a soldier giving a vaccination. No harm to the Army support staff but given the number of people on the front line – Why did they need to select that photo? Are they hoping for their readers to make a link….Vaccines improving…photograph of Army involvement…it must have been achieved by Gove sending in the Army.

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      1. Gavinochiltree
        For the most accurate opinion of UK armed forces i give you a qoute from Russia,s
        Defence chief
        I assure you that having studied you closely
        Russia now considers you as a complete irrelevance now,and as such we no longer
        Take you into account whilst planning
        Our defence matters


    1. UK and Wales bbc pages have a health professional in their jag headline pics. Do they think we’re stupid? It’s this steady drip of propaganda and story shaping that riles folk and makes us more determined to get out of this one sided union. I wish someone like Alex Thomson would pick up on this blatant skewing of reality and maybe discuss how /why we are all so legitimately fed up

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      1. Broob
        Hit ABC where it hurts
        Do not pay licence
        That is a direct hit to the money bag
        Far better than one to their Ba Bag


  3. The britnats and their helpers are scrambling for any little piece of nonsense for their propaganda war on Scotland funded by westminster these newspapers would be out of business and closed down if it were not for westminster funding and the BBC too are still giving them young trainee journalists for free as well.
    The army in uk is not highly trained most of them wouldnt know the difference between a needle and syringe or where to inject so many of them are part time , i wouldnt be surprised if those you see in the newspaper photos are actually the part time territorial army.

    What is immensely stupid is that these soldiers are being used merely as photo props for the british government media war against Scotland all you ever see the soldiers doing is standing looking sheepish because they know themselves they are being used in this way.

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  4. Well spotted John, to the casual observer job done “things are getting worse”, but Scots have learned to treat the Herod and the rest of the media with not a pinch but a barrow of salt.
    The media have nowhere left to turn now despite all the spin-monkey edicts issued north, even HMS Sarah Smith is being shunned, and that’s fatal when your sole job is propaganda.
    All they can do now is brazen it out, coats aren’t on shoogly pegs, it’s a mess in the hall…


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