Scottish government says work ongoing and will talk to airports before announcing final plans

This anonymous reported pushed into the headlines is classic tabloid journalism. If you haven’t got a story, make one one up.

We read:

The chief executive of Glasgow and Aberdeen airports criticised the Scottish government for not involving the industry in its discussions.

Derek Provan insisted there had been “no engagement” over policies which have now “completely shut down our airports”.

And only then:

The Scottish government said work was ongoing on the details, and it “will obviously talk to the aviation sector” before announcing its final plans.

Provan is a just a rentagob who regularly leaps or is pushed into the media limelight to moan about something the Scottish Government has just announced, before fading from the scene as adults clarify the situation.

6 thoughts on “Scottish government says work ongoing and will talk to airports before announcing final plans

  1. This a variation on ‘the need for greater clarity’ or ‘there is uncertainty about some aspects of this’ and then there is a phone in and a spokesperson for the SG explains carefully what the proposal is and then Kaye says, “Are you as confused as I am? Let’s have your tweets and texts.’

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    1. Alasdair
      Do you honestly believe Kaye is confused
      No she certainly is not
      She knows exactly what she is doing and when cornered her way out is to plead stupidity then proceed to confuse us all
      Know thy foe

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  2. Aye, well Derek (Guilty before Provan innocent) has a long history of being quoted by the Herod, P&J etc. on the imminent inhumation of the aviation industry in Scotland, it’s his Party Piece, doubtless on speed-dial from the Baronless.
    The question is what are SG going to do on quarantine and how we can insinuate our way into scuppering it with maximum publicity lest Brexit questions arise, the Ruth Davidson in the room…

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