2 000 dead: The price of england’s ‘world-beating’ vaccine strategy

alan docherty on Twitter: "The Grim Reaper party are the tories… "

It’s no wonder that Michael Gove would not admit to how many care home residents have actually been vaccinated when told that Scotland had done 98%.

At the end of 2020 and until the 10th of January, the reported number of confirmed and suspected Covid-related deaths was actually slightly higher in Scottish care homes but then things began to change.

In the week ending the 17th January, the level was the same, 1341 in England and 137 in Scotland. England has 10 times the population.

However, in the following seven days there were 2 364 cases in England and only 127 in Scotland. Per capita, nearly twice as many were dying in the English care homes.

In the week ending 31st December the Scottish figure had fallen to 104. The data for England will not be published until the 9th February but, already, by the 29th there have been 1 611 suggesting the pattern is continuing.

So, had England’s care homes continued to lose lives at the same rate as in Scotland, 2 000 fewer would have died in the last two weeks alone.

Why has this happened? From the beginning, following the JCVI advice, Scotland devoted all its energies to protecting the care home residents and staff, despite the storage challenge of the Pfizer vaccine. Using that as an excuse and in an effort to get big numbers and beat the Europeans, England had only done 24% care home residents two weeks ago when Scotland had done 75%. How many has NHS England done now? They’re stalling. Scotland has done 98%

The awful truth is staring us in the face. The Johnson regime, not for the first time, has sacrificed the lives of the weak and the vulnerable for the interests of business or for an infantile ‘victory’ over the EU.





11 thoughts on “2 000 dead: The price of england’s ‘world-beating’ vaccine strategy

  1. Just watching the BJ briefing today on BBC. What was glaringly obvious was the two important questions that no journalist would dare ask:-
    1. What percentage of the vulnerable people and their carers in English care homes have been vaccinated to date?
    2. Prime minister, why did you and your entourage visit the Valneva factory in Livingston when the factory management had advised you previously that they had had a recent COVID 19 outbreak within the factory staff?
    If anything proves that the MSM and journalists are well under the control of the government, this was it.

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  2. Boris does not have a victory
    If so it is most certainly hollow
    And as time goes by it shall become ever more hollow
    Remember Dunkirk which was claimed as a great victory and the greatest evacuation in human history
    Germany in 1944 evacuated a whole Army C/W all their weapons over the black sea from the Russian front
    And all so without Adolf knowing it was taking place
    Furthermore it was completely undetected by the Soviets for months
    It was estimated that this successful evacuation prolonged the war by at least 6 months
    Please also note that not even 1 Allied troop
    Should have ever reached Dunkirk
    How because General Heinz Guerdian who commanded Nazi land forces continued his advance to encircle and trap the BEF, but such was called off by Hitler upon which Guerdian immediately flew back to Berlin in to confront Hitler,upon which Hitler issued a firm order to halt the advance,Guerdian enquired why
    Hitler replied because Goering wishes for his Luftwaffe to finish the job
    Guerdian flew back and continued his encirclement
    Upon which Hitler ordered a immediate halt
    Guerdian said he was merely applying recon.in force
    Hitler ordered him bask to Berlin and stripped him of his command
    Guerdian cleary stated that he was 100 % certain that in less than 24 hrs the whole of the BEF would be POW,s
    How bloody lucky were our forces
    But such is never ever told to any here
    So in conclusion Westminster and the MSM will apply strenuous efforts in defining the vaccinations as a roaring success
    Like i always state here they have plenty form in such matters and all is rather predictable
    Know thy Foe

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  3. Alex Thomson done good.

    “alex thomson@alextomo
    UK Govt said yesterday at least 100 care homes had not received vaccination in England. They have never released (and may not even keep) stats on what % in elderly care homes has been vaccinated. Scotland has 98% first round jagged/jabbed.”

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  4. “Tweet
    alex thomson@alextomo
    In a new linguistic variant on “offered” UK Govt Health Secretary told the Commons yesterday that everyone has been “visited” in English care homes “I’m also delighted we’ve visited every eligible care home – 10,307 in total.” Visited is not vaccinated.”

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  5. “alex thomson@alextomo
    “Sorry. We don’t have this data” Public Health England asked what percentage of people in English care homes have had their first Covid jag/jab”


  6. “Alex thomson@alextomo

    So ONS said try PHE who said try NHSE who said we nah have the data but best try DHSC . And then something amazing happened…”


  7. alex thomson@alextomo
    After 5.6 hours of calls texts and emails NHS England suddenly said : “We don’t have that figure just yet – data is still being verified but will hopefully be shared shortly.”….

    So “hopefully” NHSE will finally release the data. Watch this space. Wonder if they are just waiting until the English figure is above 98%! Too too cynical I am sure…
    alex thomson@alextomo

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    1. and this morning

      alex thomson
      Morning all. So we await data on how many in English care homes have been jagged/jabbed. Meanwhile ONS stats show that for the week ending 22nd January, there were 1817 Covid deaths, 46.6% that week, highest ever in the pandemic. The previous high was 39.2% in May…
      alex thomson
      The stats begin to show a picture of UK Govt talking about “visiting” all homes and “offering” everyone there vaccination whilst allowing a second care home disaster to occur in terms of fatalities. More data later on this for you
      Still on the case

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