Can you take the vaccine back from the old folk?

Have we made some basic error giving the vaccine to too many care home residents? I mean 98%, do they really need that much?

I know, let’s send the British Army in to take blood from them, if they have any, and use it to inject younger folk in the poorer areas? I bet the Europeans haven’t thought of that!

Now what other help can they give us?

Well, we haven’t killed as many overall. We haven’t infected anywhere near as many. Hospital acquired infections are far lower than in England.

Could the armed forces herd together infected folk and push them with their bayonets, coughing, through hospitals and supermarkets? That would help get the numbers up.

Finally, let’s have those herd immunity experts up here to advise Nicola on what to do next. As for professors Bauld and Sridhar, a wee word with MI5 should do the trick.

Prof Robertson? We already have fake medical certificate confirming dementia.

8 thoughts on “Can you take the vaccine back from the old folk?

  1. You know Gove doesn’t look any different with the mask on. Seriously, scary.
    It’s ok the squaddies are needed in England, they won’t be sent to Scotland to ‘help’ yet, just to remove the 60k of vaccines from Livingston when ready to take to England.
    Stay sane if at all possible prof John!


  2. Even my wife,who isn’t particularly politically savvy,said from the outset that the Tory strategy was to eradicate the elderly and others they regard as a burden on society.
    They,of course,don’t consider themselves to be in that category.
    A new collective noun….a Cabinet of Creeps.
    Slimy creeps,backstabbing creeps,shape shifting creeps etc etc.
    Very creepy.

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    1. Look to the corvidae (crow family) for collective nouns relative to this mob:

      A parliament of magpies; highly appropriate for a bunch of noisy, thieving bastards;

      An unkindness of ravens;

      A murder of crows.


      1. Drew
        Me thinks you being far too kind to them
        Translate Tory to Irish Gaelic
        And you come up with Robber/ Criminal
        Some countries still have the death penalty for such people
        But i am firmly against such
        Nonetheless they should not escape a sentence that reflects the seriousness of
        Their hideous sneaky shenanigans
        Bankruptcy and seizure of all their assets most appropriate as money is all that matters and concerns them


      1. Sorry, never thought. Alex Thomson said
        “In a new linguistic variant on “offered” UK Govt Health Secretary told the Commons yesterday that everyone has been “visited” in English care homes “I’m also delighted we’ve visited every eligible care home – 10,307 in total.” Visited is not vaccinated” and then later (after contacting Public Health England for info)
        “So “hopefully” NHSE will finally release the data. Watch this space. Wonder if they are just waiting until the English figure is above 98%! Too too cynical I am sure”
        It’s a start!


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