TWO THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED LIVES were saved but that matters little to Glen Campbell

Despite the fact the Scottish and UK Governments are following broadly similar strategies, making similar mistakes, achieving similar outcomes, there is a big paradox here. The public perception is Nicola Sturgeon is handling this pandemic far better than Boris Johnson.

The words of Glen Campbell, above, are not entirely surprising though they continue to shock with their dishonesty. He and colleagues at BBC Scotland, along with fellow travellers across the Scottish and UK media, continue to peddle the same myth.

We don’t need to spend time debating the first part. We know of the divergences in the strategies. Independent experts such as professors Sridhar and Bauld have pointed to the clear differences in, for example, locking down more quickly and for longer.

However, it is in the claim of similar outcomes that Campbell and the others are more clearly lying to the public. They know what they are doing but persist for openly political reasons. The UK Government publishes daily the truth they deny at

It’s quite clear from the above tables that the infection rate per 100 000 outcome over the whole pandemic is approaching twice as high in England at 5 817, as in Scotland at 3 231.

The death rate per 100 000 outcome over the whole pandemic is 48% higher in England at 161.1, as in Scotland at 109.3.

These are not similar outcomes.

Had Scotland the same death rate as England under the Conservative Government’s strategies, another 2 817 would have died.

Had England the same death rate as Scotland under the SNP Government’s strategies, 43 535 would have lived.

19 thoughts on “TWO THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED LIVES were saved but that matters little to Glen Campbell

  1. So lets look at how the money men and bean counters would look at this,and no doubt corrupt most of the current cabinet,particularly so during the 1st 6 cobra
    Meets 5 of which Boris failed to attend
    And it is more than reasonable to assume that
    Fiscal matters preyed heavily upon their tiny closed minds as the brutal consequences of
    NOT dealing with the sound advice being dispensed
    The Big clues are the utterances of Boris and cohorts prior to implementing too little too late.We all know of such
    So the result is now a fiscal long term disaster
    For all
    Just look how late and miserly they were with
    Furlough etc.
    But more importantly they have had to modify and extend 3 times despite having been told a 2nd wave with more dire consequences would follow if handled wrongly
    Now for example and on the basis of over 90% of real deaths of 130000 being state pensioners and derisory as the state pension is they have now 1.3 Billion per annum less to pay out
    But a mile more spent that saved
    Dads Army along with their stupid boy indeed
    Now that is what ironically may be termed as very very very real false accounting

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      1. ArtHetty,
        Was your ‘today’s comment directed at me? If it is would you like to detail what I said to deserve such a comment?


      2. The European connection to each of the vaccines is something Mr Johnson and co go out of their way to hide/gloss over.

        Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca
        German/Turkish Biontech
        French Valneva – its presence in Scotland a sign of Scotland’s strength in life sciences and ability to attract foreign inward investment.

        The initial supplies of the AZ vaccine were manufactured in the Netherlands because the manufacturing sites in the UK were experiencing production problems.

        Pfizer vaccine made in Belgium.

        So many European connections for the Brexiters to deal with but a clear indication that science is an international endeavour.

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  2. The ‘Scotland’s figures are just as bad as the rest of the UK’s’ trope has been around quite a few times. I first read it last April in several pieces on Source. Andrew Marr used it in the second last interview with the FM.

    It has clearly been decided as a British Nationalist attack line at present.

    Today at a meeting of our film group, one member – A Labour loyalist – stated ‘The death rate in Scotland is exactly the same as England’s’.

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  3. I saw that! I messaged a friend straight away to tell him what he had said. I think he could have had a recent BBC Scotland report in mind. That report was about the number of registered deaths in Scotland. The BBC decided to add the latest death figures to that number. The overall effect of their decision was to achieve a grand total for the number of deaths, that was almost 8.2% of 100,000. The total death figure which the UK had just exceeded. It left me with the impression the writer knew, 8.2% was also the percentage of the population of UK that lived in Scotland. (Or should that be, live in Little Britain?)


  4. “Captain Ukania” got exactly what he wanted.
    The State broadcaster–Scottish branch outlet–gave his visit the “Hooray for us Brits” coverage he wanted–no questions asked.
    Glen told a straight out lie, fabricated statistics, misled the public who pay his wages? Whit?
    Why is anyone surprised? Real journalists lost their jobs, but Glenn is still there, punting for the Union…. And THAT is precisely why he is there. I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest, if his script wasn’t delivered to “No Shurendurrr Quay” with the morning post, while Boris was Dann Saff eating his breakfast of devilled kidneys and swan egg on a toasted muffin.

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  5. The public in Scotland had a consistent messenger. Day in, day out the same urgency was conveyed. People followed the direction more consistently than in England. The message down Souf’ was clear….I don’t need to attend Cobra meetings, I don’t need to appear on TV every day…and the people got the message of “example”…Covid is no big deal…it’s not a big issue…if the PMs not boffered, why should I be.

    Then we have the money making side…test and trace handed over to his mates. PPE contracts signed off by Tory MPs to their buddies.

    However the Brexit Bus journey never paused throughout…but no time for Indy2.

    We now have Labour and LibDems rushing to rejoin the Better Togethet reunion…what a wonderful Union🙁

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    1. Yep indeed, looking back at the history of this it has been nothing but a shambolic and chaotic mismanagement by the EngGov, it’s seriously terrifying when you have that sort of seemingly deliberate manipulation of facts, untruths and failure to govern effectively, to at least try to save lives.

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  6. Only those predisposed to the big bad SNP narrative pay any credence to Glenn Campbell’s London fed messaging, the majority of Scots no longer see the BBC as other than a propaganda outfit, and they only have themselves to blame.
    Bludgeoning public opinion with relentless negativity succeeded only in driving some to find alternative sources, but it took a pandemic for this to really escalate – When it’s the lives of you and yours on the line it is no longer “just politics”, that was where PQ and London completely misjudged the mood of Scots.
    They tried to shut down the SG Covid Updates because even England was tuning in, then they tried “balance” to superimpose the London message, folks simply took to Youtube to bypass it.
    Glenn, HMS Sarah Smith and London’s attempts to convince Scots all they know is wrong can only work if the audience is not expecting lies.

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  7. I still find it shocking that so far into the pandemic England has not an adequately functioning test and trace system. Large numbers of tests go missing so the numbers tested are unreliable. The lateral flow tests in England (possibly Scotland, too) are used in a manner incompatible with the purposes for which they are regulated and intended for use.

    Few people are isolating because they cannot afford to be off work.

    The steps taken to prevent importation of cases are inadequate.

    Some of these criticisms apply also to Scotland as well as England and Wales. However, Scotland lacks the ability, because of the Union to go it alone and do its own thing

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    1. have sent this to coronavirus tracker:

      Why are you adding the
      Lateral flow device tests conducted

      on to the PCR tests for England?

      The other nations do not do this.

      I understand a positive lateral flow test has to be verified by a PCR test.

      The England lateral flow tests are inflating the UK test total.

      England’s 355,670 lateral flow total is not far from the UK PCR total of 416,040



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