On BBC coverage of the Johnson visit to Scotland

The lab is used for processing PCR tests
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I noted on the BBC News website today this headline: ‘Boris Johnson says independence debate ‘irrelevant’ to most Scots’. And beneath this the PM is quoted: “… referendum is completely irrelevant now to the concerns of most people”.

The author of the BBC article seems to be trying to help the PM make this ‘irrelevance’ case because he/she decides to inserts this additional bit of text and to do so uncritically. The article adds: ” .. polls have also suggested that the independence question is currently a lower priority for many people than other issues such as the pandemic, health and education.”

The framing where is clear. The ‘line’ being pushed by the PM with BBC ‘reinforcement’ is that we in Scotland don’t have independence as a top priority, as polling shows. And therefore the SG should abandon the very idea of holding a referendum. Well what follows should make for ‘educational’ reading for any ‘impartial’ BBC political journalist..

YouGov, in a late 2015 poll of UK public opinion, asked this question: “Which of the following do you think are the most important issues facing the country at this time? Please tick up to three.”

The top three issues amongst all respondents were: Immigration & Asylum (63%); Health (39%) and the economy (33%). Respondents had the option of choosing ‘Europe’: it came fifth in the list of priorities, chosen by just 27%. Even amongst Tory supporters, Europe was only third in their priorities, with just 37%. For Labour voters, ‘Europe’ was selected in top three issues by just 13%. For respondents in Scotland ‘Europe’ was ranked sixth in the list of priority issues.

So Unionist politicians and their media supporters should note that despite the ‘Europe’ question being a much lower priority for many people across the UK in late 2015 than other issues, the Tories held an EU referendum six months later anyway, in June 2016!

11 thoughts on “On BBC coverage of the Johnson visit to Scotland

  1. I am so angry after watching & reading the coverage of events today. But also extremes sad – what a miserable, inward looking, selfish place Britain has become over the last few years. World beating boastfulness and total lack of concern for anyone else in the world. Truly horrible.

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    1. Brobb
      Fret not because the star ship Enterprise is upon its way due to arrive May this year for the Holyrood elections
      And simply placing a cross upon a ballot paper
      In the correct box
      Is as easy as saying
      Beam me up Scottie

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      1. Sadly no, there are plenty of Scots acting the same and we shouldn’t forget it. So sick of all the bitchimg, character attacks and unwillingness to debate issues with even a slight hint of respect for folk who believe something different.

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  2. So Johnson tells Scotland that independence is ‘irrelavant’ and the BBC tells Scotland what is ‘relevant’. Except the BBC, who charge people to watch their propaganda, missed afew things out which might just happen to be of ‘relevance’ to the people fo Scotland right now. Things like, ths small matter of their economy being desroyed at the stroke of a pen, having their kids’ and grandkids’ chances to live and study in 27 others countries removed, no freedom of movement all because England voted to remove Scotland from the EU, the very likely removal of human rights for themselves and their children, massive job losses to come, councils being unable to fund essential services because people can’t afford to pay their council tax, and businesses which are closing down becaud eof Covid won’t be paying business rates! Oh yes the list is absolutely huge!
    Low age no wage society, locked into a dysfunctional destructive backward so called ‘UK’ ever more right wing, denied a democratic vote and their own choice of government, powers removed from their own parliament, by the country next door, rendering their choices defunct, told to shut up, all with a media witch hunt on which ever SNP poitician they can manufacture any dirt on.

    Held hostage to a far right wing regime, which, by all acounts are actually not bothered about having condemned tens of thousands to an early death, at best, and in fact seem proud of that at worst.
    Scotland has huge problems indeed, a massive list of priorities, their resources and huge wealth being continously stolen to line the pockets of the rich in London is also pretty high up on the agenda!

    The BritNat state just hope and pray that people will listen to their fake news and believe it, the EngGov really do treat the people of Scotland as fools don’t they. How bloody dare they attempt to deny the people of Scotaland their right to choose whether to accept the T & C’s of the so acaled union, or not. Tick the box, the terms and conditions of the so called ‘union’ were always a scam, and the people of Scotaland have achance now to do something about it and so they will. It is the will of the people that counts.

    There was a reason why the EngGov made sure to keep broadcasting powers in London, England and not devolve them to Scotland.
    Their narrow, backward agenda however is not working, and to come up to Scotland with an entourage, in the liddle of a pandemic, made all the worse for the more deadly KENT strain imported into Scotland already, and visit a major Scottish hospital (!) must surely be the last straw for anyone with any sense in Scotland.

    Johnson is a disgrace, to travel into Scotland right now, and then to enter a hospital having travelled from a hotspot where the infection and deaths from Covid are extremely high, is just a massive FU to Scotland quite frankly. Enough is enough, change all of the locks Scotland, before it’s too late.

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  3. I think it is clear that Labour and the Lib Dems have joined the Better Together clique again. They have not learned from the last time when Labour’s support in Scotland plummeted and the LibDems were pushed back into their traditional heartlands and fell to being the fifth party at Holyrood. (Yet Wggie still always gets to say his piece on the BBC, whereas Patrick Harvie is only given air time occasionally.)

    However, I think that in England there are stirrings for an English Government and for a humane concept of England and Englishness.

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  4. The Tories have fought the last three (at least ) elections on a manifesto opposing Scots having a say in their own futures.

    Captain Ukania needs to be aware the Tories LOST all these elections, by a huge margin.

    Propaganda only works if it has a plausible element to it.

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  5. All this is going to end up in the Court of Session re.the competence of the Scottish parliament to hold a referendum
    Which without doubt shall end up in the
    Supreme Court
    And it is anyones guess what they rule
    But no doubt many a weasel word in a very cloudy fudged judgement given
    In short a technical throwing of the ball back to Westminster
    But the trick here for us is to advance the case Internationally and solely on the basis
    Of Scotland,s claim of right already established in Westminster, Albeit not on the statute book
    The only possible defence that Westminster can offer in a International court are
    We are not a Nation
    Our Citizens are not so but subjects of the Crown
    The Act of Union is permanent
    Scotland has no rights whatsoever
    Scotland in fact is a region and not a nation
    Now try successfully defending such a case
    Remember Westminster cannot dictate any terms in such or any other International court
    Force their hand and in fact it is this possibility that have them shaking in their boots now
    Jacob Ress shall have to call upon the services of his nanny for a nappy change
    And finally it is impossible to Govern without consent.Never in history has such proven to be true
    It always ends in disaster for those who attempt to

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  6. As Ghandi said

    First they ignore you
    Then they laugh at you
    Then they fight you
    Then you win.

    Just keep going, gain ground, if we don’t get it then our kids will.

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  7. The last thing Scotland needs is Boris Johnston. A complete imbecile and everyone knows it. The Guardian even had an article, for once, that summed it up. Support for Independence increasing.

    The Labour leadership ‘challenge’. By the time it is finished they will all have had a turn at it. What’s left of them. To no avail.

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