Devolved powers save 3 000 lives

England has ten times the population of Scotland but with more than 91 000 deaths clearly does not have ten times the death rate of 6 000 from Covid-19 or it would have had just over 60 000.

The Conservative Government’s pandemic management has resulted in 50% more, avoidable deaths than Scotland. Had they managed the pandemic in Scotland, the evidence suggests we would have had more than 9 000 deaths.

The SNP Government in Scotland, through quicker action to lockdown, being slower to finish lockdowns and by more clear and consistent communications has saved 3 000 lives.

This is headline news or it should be.

19 thoughts on “Devolved powers save 3 000 lives

  1. And now their attempt to blacken us on vaccination numbers is beginning to backfire
    This morning at 14.30 hrs on Sky News review the papers .3 English newspapers on their front pages carried a article that Nicola Sturgeon was going to release vaccine Nos.cleverly skewed to strongly suggest this was to aid the EU in their contract with Astra Zenica
    Oh how wrong they are, the figs.SG are proposing to publish are the actual numbers delivered to date
    Such enables SG to completely counteract the continual aggressive attacks from all the MSM,Tories,Labour and Liberal politicians
    Today all the aforementioned have pulled the reins in quickly
    What the SG plans to reveal DOES not break any confidentiality of any commercial agreement in any form or by Law
    Now what i say next i know as fact ( do not ask how )
    Before a single vaccine dose had been made
    someone knew that Westminster had primed
    Their attack dogs to prepare a full assault on the SG on actual vaccination numbers carried out
    I shall never ever speak of these matters again
    I can but trust that all who digest this can add 1+1 to make 2
    It is as easy as that to conclude exactly what was going on

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  2. IMHO, we appear to have been lucky, as our government isn’t exactly supportive of a scientific world view, or democracy. Those who have a problem accepting this statement of fact, could do worse than checking out “What science can do for democracy: a complexity science approach”.

    “Political scientists have conventionally assumed that achieving democracy is a one-way ratchet. Only very recently has the question of “democratic backsliding” attracted any research attention. We argue that democratic instability is best understood with tools from complexity science.

    The explanatory power of complexity science arises from several features of complex systems. Their relevance in the context of democracy is discussed. Several policy recommendations are offered to help (re)stabilize current systems of representative democracy.”


    1. “.. as our government isn’t exactly supportive of a scientific world view, or democracy. Those who have a problem accepting this statement of fact, …”.

      Now these are big and damning claims as factual, and on what are really important and highly complex subjects viz. science and democracy!

      Referring to a ‘statement of fact’ – that by implication (or by the framing) readers should not really have a problem accepting – and when this claim as ‘fact’ is associated with the phrase (the device) ‘isn’t exactly’ candidly rings my ‘alert reader’ alarm!

      Taking the democracy ‘fact’ – “isn’t exactly supportive of” democracy – how close to or far from ‘exactly’ in absolute terms; how close to or far from ‘exactly’ relative to other governments? Is the gap between exact and the claimed ‘not exact’ support for democracy due to something major or minor, intended or unintended, general or quite specific, long-standing or recent, proven or unproven in the particular case of ‘our government’ (and which one is that)?

      I welcome the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and scholarship offered by others. However, I have become very alert to the location of the boundary in writings on each and every issue between the polemical and the academic (or better, the politically disinterested). Reference to the outputs of scholarship do not obviate the need for this, indeed perhaps the opposite! I will keep reading but will stay alert!

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  3. Off topic.
    Louis De Bernieres has written a letter to the London Times to call for Scotland to be “cast adrift” from the Union.
    Apparently an “illegal” referendum, SNP grandstanding and Scottish Anglophobia being his concern. He gives no examples.

    But he had an article published in the Irish Times on 30Th January 2020 stating exactly the same thing, long before indyref2 plan B was ever thought of. His Irish Times article explains his pro-Brexit nationalism; anti German hegemony in the EU (English hegemony in the UK being just fine), holding Greece to fiscal rules, nasty foreign types coming to England –oh, and the war! And more about the war.

    Boris, according to Louis exudes “Energy, good humour and optimism, and pulls impossible rabbits out of hats”.
    Yup, a “classically educated” adult actually believed that guff !

    Then he states “the logic of Brexit takes us further……the English would be better of on their own”.
    Irish unification. Scotland tossed out.
    Ireland should leave the EU and join an Anglo-Irish economic zone.

    This was his thinking a year ago, so whatever is in his London Times letter, he has sat on it for a year, before hatching it out.
    But, no doubt, it will be in the “Scottish” colonial media as a stick to beat us with.
    However De Berniere does have one positive thing to say.—

    “The end of Great Britain would be a distinct, even desirable prospect, but….our nations….would remain a family, bound…by our history.
    This kind of history is far more valuable, deep and enduring”.

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    1. OK, I can see Scotland and NI’s directions of travel, but what does he foresee for the Welsh? Huge re-education “centres” and brainwashing to make them more English?

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      1. He hopes they will stay and be a wee part of England as they have been for half a millennium—if they do what they are told!

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  4. So this is what “achieving similar outcomes” – in the words of the BBC’s Glen Campbell yesterday – looks like?

    None of this is a good outcome for any part of the UK. But there are four health and social care systems within the UK. Just one system, and just one of four UK nations has had its approach to Covid unfettered by another government. The government of only one UK nation has had all necessary agency to pursue its own approach. And that place is England.

    Yet the one system/government whose Covid outcomes have all along been hardest to find in the corporate media and on the BBC is the one with control over all levers relevant to pandemic management.

    And even when official UK government data sources provide clear evidence of marked, differential outcomes, BBC Scotland is not content to airbrush out this (uncomfortable?) fact – it is no longer just content to engage, as so often, in ‘bias by omission’. No, the top political journalist in BBC Scotland is now broadcasting what under any reasonable, objective assessment must surely be judged as a falsehood.

    The temptation is to register a complaint about the nature of BBC news reporting AGAIN … but then that too would be likely to achieve ‘similar outcomes’ i.e. no change!

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    1. When we compare deaths in England and Scotland, the usual suspects are playing the “population density” card – and strangely not the “deprived communities” card, which they are very happy to go with on other occasions.

      Population density is a complex topic but, as we know, Scotland’s deaths are concentrated in the regions of highest population density such as Glasgow. So I note that England has 1786 deaths/million and a population density of 432/ Glasgow has 1450 deaths/million with a population density of 3,624/

      So Glasgow’s population density is 8.4 times that of England, but has still managed to keep deaths below that of England. If infections, and hence deaths, were proportional to population density – then Glasgow as part of Scotland has done about 10 times better than England.

      If you don’t go with the last point, the data at least seems to Scotch (sic) the idea that low population density explains anything.

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      1. Another way to minimize the difference in Scotland v England excess deaths is used by ONS. It is age standardisation. This technique reduces the weight attached to elderly deaths thus reducing the difference in the impact of covid


  5. Those with an interest in supporting open democracy in Scotland could do a lot worse than checking out “Intersectionality, Race-Gender Subordination, and Education. You’ll find an open-access source at core(dot)ac(dot)uk.

    “In this chapter, we unpack intersectionality as an analytical framework. First, we cite Black Lives Matter as an impetus for discussing intersectionality’s current traction. Second, we review the genealogy of “intersectionality” beginning with Kimberlé Crenshaw’s formulation, which brought a Black Studies provocation into legal discourse in order to challenge existing antidiscrimination doctrine and single-axis theorizing.

    The third, and most central, task of the chapter is our account of intersectionality’s utility for social analysis. We examine some of the issues raised by the metaphor of the intersection and some of the debates surrounding the concept, such as the tension between fragmenting and universalizing perspectives mediated by the notion of “strategic essentialism.”

    Fourth, we review how education researchers have explained race and gender subordination in education since Ladson-Billings and Tate’s Teachers College Record article. We conclude with some remarks concerning future research on intersectionality.”


  6. In the National Library in Edinburgh is a set of records detailing Scotland finances. All through the 20th. Century annual data shows sums from 30% to 50% being sent South “In support of the Empire”.

    These records stopped in 1946 with the election of the first SNP MP.

    The media have acted in the role of information management since. The Covid19 data presentation is a small, but very visible, part of the ongoing campaign.

    The London grip was made very clear in 1707 at the opening of the “New” Parliament. “We have catched her (Scotland) and will hold her tight”

    We have been bled dry for centuries in wealth and people (including as cannon fodder)

    Oil and Gas was a great bonus but has already been devoured. The next morsel is renewable energy and our drinking water.

    We are not a drain on London. We are their piggy bank.

    It is a Union of equals in the same way as Dracula and his latest maiden.

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    1. The British state is most certainly a criminal enterprise, so it is more than unfortunate that ‘our’ government is openly hostile towards the intellectual tools needed to liberate Scotland.

      Such as those provided by “Identity Crisis: “Intersectionality,” “Multidimensionality,” and the Development of an Adequate Theory of Subordination”. Which examines the “ongoing conflict over the direction of identity politics: whether essentialist and single-issue commitments should continue to dominate social equality movements or whether these movements must begin to embrace a more multidimensional understanding of subordination and discrimination and engage in the difficult work needed to form political coalitions across social movements and across individual and group identities.”

      Genderwoowoo bastardises intersectional theory, and will destroy the potential for open democracy in Scotland.


  7. The BritNat media are not happy to report that lives have actually been saved in Scotland, nor would they say why, not in million yaers. But they are happy to under report and mislead people, they delight in people actually dying from this dreadful virus in Scotland, every death to them is a gift to beat the Scottish government with, it’s truly sickening.

    Sends a shiver down the spine to even begjn to imagine what would have happened in Scotland had any of the BritNat parties been at the helm. It really would have been carnage.

    I posted this article yesterday, but here it is again, about England and Wales. The numbers of excess deaths are of course, much higher, what a tragedy.


  8. My politics are heavily influence by (black) feminism and sociological jurisprudence. ‘Our’ FM’s politics appear to be heavily influenced by those who appear to be demented sociopaths. So Scots are unlikely to ever enjoy the benefits open democracy, as our FM clearly does not understand how to support the rule-of-law.

    Those who have a problem accepting this analysis, could do worse than checking out “INTERSECTIONALITY Mapping the Movements of a Theory”.

    The law is a product of human consciousness, which can’t be separated from biology. So it is only those of a totalitarian outlook who would seek to deny the legal significance of biology (see Nazi Germany).


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