ooooh, it’s gone up again!

The 7-day average infection level falls for the 19th day in a row but today’s figure is up from yesterday’s.

I know they’re only ‘wee’ at the Herald and 7-day averages are bit beyond their ken, Ken, but a one-day change tells you nothing and a 7-day average is a reliable indicator of change and, of course, is ‘news.’

Other real news, the number in hospital has fallen from what looks to have been a peak of 2 053 four days ago on the 22nd, to 2 010 in the last 24 hours.

The number in ICU too has fallen from an apparent peak of 161 on the 22nd to 149 in the last 24 hours.

Finally, in case anyone is interested, the infection rate in the Johnson Regime’s world-beating system remains at more than twice that in Scotland – 3 601 compared to 1 661, per 100 000 population.

10 thoughts on “ooooh, it’s gone up again!

  1. Reporting Scotland said that “there are signs that the number of infections may be levelling off”. Beside Lisa Summers was a graph which was descending pretty steeply.

    On Drivetime after a piece in which it was reported that the number of deaths in the UK had ‘passed 100 000’ we were told that in Scotland 51% of over-80s had been vaccinated – and then emphatically – THIS IS IS SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER THAN THE FIGURE FOR THE UK AS A WHOLE. There was no contextual information.There was no indication that the deaths per million in Scotland and Northern Ireland are around 70% of the UK figure.

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    1. Whatever the percentages are, they are not indicative of the numbers who’ve “been vaccinated”. They may have had their first dose, but that is all.

      The numbers who’ve had their second jag & can be described as having “been vaccinated” are probably statistically insignificant.

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  2. It used to be the cub reporters covered the minor news, while the old hacks went to the boozer for a while–or two!
    In Scotlands media, it looks like the hacks never came back.

    Of course having “Cubs” makes it easy for their bosses to bully, coerce and manipulate the news into something less than factual.

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  3. On a day when in any normal decent society we would rightly expect the media to launch into attacks on Government for the utterly shameful death toll all we got was a well rehearsed response from a carefully selected panel on BBC ‘Newsnight’. Hosted as ever by BBC stalwart Kirsty it was quite remarkable, if not unexpected, when asking a SAGE member if anything more could have been done to prevent the horrendous death rate the answer was ‘NO’.
    Indeed later on the ‘Press review’ again with selected panelists including one from the Telegraph there was even some sympathy for Boris with staged photos of him looking so contrite in his abject apologies. If I was unfortunate enough to have lost a loved one to this a virus I think I would be seething with anger as it was just sickening to watch for the rest of us..

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    1. When you look at the front pages of the Tory press and on TV, we see one of two photos of the PM – one with eyes closed and the other with bowed head, and coupled with similar headlines.

      The photos are simply stills taken from his broadcast speech and were at a time when he blinked and a time when he looked down at his notes.

      This is news management.

      Today we have the weekly NRS figures which report higher numbers of fatalities, because they count all deaths where Covid19 is mentioned on the certificate. However, BBC Scotland ADDED the data for the days between the weekly close dat and the present, to make the data appear even higher. The additional figures are the ones which are specifically related to Covid and so they are distorting data, by combining two different accounting methods.

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  4. Imagine the stats and the news if Scotland hadn’t had devo. Would Scotland having half the case/death rate of England even received a mention in the years following as history was written? I doubt it.


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