That’s easy – Tory Ideology means a death rate 28 TIMES HIGHER than in high taxation high welfare Norway

You’ll look long and hard in Nick Triggle’s ‘analysis‘ for the answer to the question as to why the UK has had 100 000 Covid deaths.

There’s a clue if you check out the figures for the four UK nations and Norway.

The more individualistic, business-friendly, privatisation-supporting, low-taxation, low-welfare preferring, your ideology, the more deaths among, especially the weaker members of society – simple.

The death rate over the pandemic, in Tory England, at 2 per 100K, is 28 times higher than 0.07 per 100K in Social Democratic, high taxation, and independent Norway.

Even only would-be Social Democratic but non-independent Scotland manages 1.06 deaths per 100K, only just over half the death rate of England.

15 thoughts on “That’s easy – Tory Ideology means a death rate 28 TIMES HIGHER than in high taxation high welfare Norway

  1. John
    Without giving you the actual data which i have
    Then if you assume the start of the 2nd wave as being from 1st October 19
    Then to date and as with Scotland
    The divergence with both us and Norway from England is growing fast
    It is very difficult to make assumptions due to the ridiculously high transmission rate in England
    None the less it is obvious when you start to
    Pro rata for all 3 nations factoring in case/infection numbers
    It becomes obvious that not only is England doing badly in all areas but proportionally
    It has worse off outcomes in Hospital admissions,ICU & Deaths
    But surprisingly itbappears ( not much) to be out performing Norway
    Which in turn strongly suggests our Health service is better than Norway
    But considerably superior than England

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    1. “You’ll look long and hard in Nick Triggle’s ‘analysis‘ for the answer to the question as to why the UK has had 100 000 Covid deaths.”

      And as you also rightly suggest, premieroneuk relevant data are all available. Now, in late January 2021, these data provide a suitably lengthy time series for analysis. And these data are hardly controversial: they can be sourced directly from the UK government’s own sources.

      Metrics such as cumulative hospitalisations, cumulative number of patients in ICU, total number of people dying and number of excess deaths foreach of the four nations are all there for Triggle and others for comparative analyse and reporting. But for the most part they ignore this: iIt’s become the untold story.

      How will questions about the UK’s poor record in addressing the pandemic – relative to international peers – ever even begin to be addressed fully/objectively? Can we really expect the issue to be addressed by the UK corporate media and by (that claimed pillar of objectivity) the BBC when the FACT of substantial differences in key metrics between the four UK nations is not even acknowledged by them. (Indeed, even some academics appear to avoid the issue at times.)

      There are four health and social care systems in the UK. Three of them have long been constrained in terms of investment. Three of them have been constrained during the pandemic in terms of scale and timing of Covid mitigation and associated public/business support measures. And three of them have been constrained in terms of the extent and timing of imposing border controls.

      Only one of the UK’s four public health systems and related national responses to Covid has been unconstrained – other than by the decisions of its OWN elected and wholly responsible government – that privileged nation is England. And the government with all powers to act as it chooses is only the one based in Westminster.

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  2. The question keeps being asked on why the UK has done so badly? Today, BJ said, “we have done all we can…”.
    There is no real doubt that the inequality and failure to address long term issues in the UK society has contributed greatly to the outcomes we are seeing happening in front of our eyes. The current government in WM will of course never see it and will do nothing to change it. If that is not a good reason for Scotland to take a different path then what is?


    1. “we have done all we can” to undermine scientific advisors and confuse the people in the name of keeping commerce running to fill the coffers of the my capitalist chums.


  3. It’s OK. King Boris is crashing through the border to tell us Jocks how it’s done in Old Engerlund. With his bag carrier Hi Jack there to nod “appropriately” and DRossy looking glassy-eyed with wonderment,
    The Boris will announce “we bring you wampum and many coloured glass beads from the Great White Queen, Betty the Tudor. There will, in the fullness of time, be a bridge/tunnel we wish to sell to you”. But meantime we are building HS2, Crossrail2 and a new Heathrow runway—all for your benefit. And the many £billions we print in London and send north.
    Take your time paying it back, with interest”.
    “I must go now, as its nearly a whole hour since I left London, and I must return for my nap”.
    ” Gawdcursed dour Jockos–we are better orf with the watermelon pickaninnies, now keep going, we don’t want to run into that Wee Jimme Krankie wumin………………”!

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  4. O/T but important.
    John,I wonder what your thoughts are on Erasmus+,I note that NI students can carry on Scotland and Wales have asked Boris for the same consideration but Bojo said an emphatic no.

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  5. Containing new infections,which have been in the main imported,can only be done by tight control of your borders.
    For ideological reasons (Global Brexit Britain open for business) Greater England has not so far been willing to do so.
    There are signs that,due to the virus being out of control in the motherland,lockdown of borders may be in the pipeline.
    Too little too late and how many lives lost as a consequence of BoJo’s inaction?

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  6. Scotland could be more like Norway, MUP has cut consumption and saved lives. More invested into the SNHS has saved lives. £12.5Billion. Increased £1/2Billion a year on average.

    Scotland raises £66Billion+ in tax revenues. Loses £3Billion from tax evasion. Has to pay £4Billion in loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Pays £1Billion more on the Military. Can’t borrow £5Billion to invest in the economy. It would pay for itself in growth and investment in the economy. Scotland would raise the same as Norway in tax revenues and resources. £80Billion.

    Scotland is in surplus in fuel and energy. Could raise £Billions and should pay less for it being nearer the source. CCS could raise more revenues. Westminster poor bad decisions and colossal interference has cost Scotland dear.

    Brexit the Tory mess and shambles. The pandemic mismanagement. Lack of preparation. Funding cut to concentrate on Brexit. Despite numerous warnings. Poor planning and delayed reaction. The Westminster total incompetence.

    The EU invested £3Billion on developing the vaccine. Now the Tories are relying on it. Total hypocrites. They are relying on EU supplies. The EU chain supplying it. Production and distribution. The EU are trying to get the companies to honour commitments. (Instead of supplying elsewhere?).

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  7. Not for an instant do I believe the UK figure of 100k, England alone will have crossed that threshold months ago, and once all #10’s number jiggling has been revised the real toll will prove considerably worse.

    Whereas the other 3 parts of the UK have done better, they remain prone to reinfection by the 4th where it has been allowed if not actively encouraged to run riot.
    As to whether Tory “ideology” drove England to the point of disaster or Johnson is merely living out a childhood fantasy to kill thousands and get away with it, is debatable. This is the man who delighted at the breaking glass in England as he was lobbing rocks from Brussels for the Telegraph.

    Although England’s Police have ramped up interventions of late to stop mass gatherings and fining people, the seriousness of England’s predicament has still not sunk in with far too many, and the blame for that lies with the Johnson regime alone.
    Were this any other scenario other than a pandemic, the lot of them would be in cells at the Hague awaiting trial.


  8. I am not sure how well attempting covid handling comparisons based on political ideology stand up. Isn’t NZ still a highly unequal country because of neoliberal politics? Yet it is undoubtedly highly successful in addressing covid.

    I don’t think it can be said that Scotland as a whole wants a social democratic politics. The leadership in the SNP still espouses the Growth Commission which explicitly rejected the social democratic politics of the Nordic countries. That leadership group, including Kate Forbes, has an interest (being right in putting their names to it) in continuing to support the Growth Commission against the wishes of a good number of the SNP membership.

    Most Scottish unionists don’t know a lot about social democracy and don’t seem to care.

    Isn’t it just a bit unusual that the political leaders of a country aspiring to independence would not yet have made it clear that social democracy is the political system to be adopted on independence? Of course, it isn’t the system to be adopted, it is neoliberalism.


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