How many decades do they need?

In 2010, Professor Danny Dorling then at Sheffield University, wrote:

[W]hen writing a book, The Widening Gap, with colleagues in 1999, which considered how, under both the Tories and the start of New Labour, the gap
between rich and poor continued to grow. We highlighted that New Labour explicitly continued Conservative spending policies for those two years and, once in office, did not enact the key policies to reduce inequalities that it had supported throughout opposition. That gap became
a great deal wider in the years that followed.

In that same period, Scottish Labour MPs toed the line and did nothing to alleviate the crushing poverty in their constituencies. After devolution, still under the thumb of London, they did nothing and even famously returned £1.5 billion to Westminster rather than implement equal pay, build hospitals or improve public services.

In the last 12 years, though constrained by the devolution settlement, with major powers axed in the final days of negotiation, not by the Tories, but by Labour, SNP governments have achieved more than Labour has ever done.

In October 2019, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation reported:

  1. Following a great deal of work in advance of the Scottish Government’s announcement, including campaigning by a significant coalition of poverty-focused organisations in Scotland, we were pleased that the analysis and ideas in our first report had in many ways been reflected in the Scottish Government’s announcement. We believe the Scottish Child Payment could make a significant contribution to tackling child poverty in Scotland.
  2. Urgency and impact: Without question the Scottish Government has shown greater urgency in their proposals for the Scottish Child Payment, announcing initially that it would bring forward the initial payment to under-sixes to 2021 (over a year earlier than expected) and most recently, through the Scottish Government’s September 2019 Programme for Government, bringing forward the initial payment to before Christmas 2020.
  3. Ambition: The Scottish Government has made the decision to invest a large sum into the new Scottish Child Payment. Without question, its expected budget of £180 million is a significant level of funding, particularly at a time when public funding is under strain.

Also, in 2019, we heard:

More children and young people will benefit from a nutritious meal and a place to play this summer holiday. Charities and councils will increase support for children from low income families during the school holidays, backed by £350,000 from the Scottish Government.


People in crisis made more than 165,000 successful applications to the Scottish Welfare Fund in the last financial year, according to new statistics. The Fund paid out £35 million, including £10.4 million in Crisis Grants to people in financial emergency, such as those struggling on low incomes or benefits – a 14% increase on 2017-18. The money helped people with essentials such as food, heating costs and household items. A further £24.8 million in Community Care Grants helped those facing extreme financial pressures with one-off costs for purchases including beds, washing machines and cookers. The Scottish Welfare Fund is part of an annual package of over £125 million to mitigate against the impact of UK Government welfare cuts. Since its launch in April 2013, the Fund has paid out more than £200 million to support over 336,000 households, with a third of recipients being families with children.

By March 2020, we could see results:

From the data in the table above we can see that before and after housing costs are taken into account, Scotland has been able to keep the level of child poverty significantly lower than England or Wales.

11 thoughts on “How many decades do they need?

  1. Right after they abolish the House of Lords, solve World hunger and cure cancer….It’s bad enough with the Tories over promising without them starting. It is as credible as Brown’s vow which guarenteed the most powerful devolved Government in the World (…if we voted NO).

    Well we did vote NO and the next morning, Yes! the next morning, we got EVEL, then Brexit and now “The Internal Market” to strip more powers away from Holyrood.

    Monica you have to win a majority at Westminster and then hold off the Tory challenge for decades to even get started….wake up.

    A good ambition but never achievable under Westminster…just like removing WMD.

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    1. I wouldn’t believe a word from London HQ’d Labour and their branch office in Scotland. Not even an ‘ambition to end child poverty’ just empty words. As has been pointed out they sent £1.5BILLION back to Westminster in 2005/6 saying, ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’!
      Not health, education,social care, job creation,infrastructure, not even beginning to alleviate child poverty! Instead they scammed Scotland, with their PFI scheme, plunging Scottish councils into £billions of ‘debt’ for er, generations to come. Absolutely bloody criminal. The people of Scotland should NEVER forgive those who s**t on their country, and who did not give a toss about children living in poverty, bad housing built undre the Labour/Torys’ watch, despicable.

      Also Monica, if. say a child is 6 when you start thinking about ‘ending child poverty, in TEN years’ they will be 16 by the time you get round to it! A person is officially an adult at age of 16 in Scotland, so with Brexit having wrecked Scotland’s industry, economy and communities, where would that young person be when you bother to get to get around to ‘ending child poverty’? Not in a good way that’s for sure, rather, in a prison in a right wing English controlled regime, probably with the only prospect of the army or work on very very low pay or unemployed, no prosepcts no opportunities and drugs fed to them by the BritNat state, to keep them quiet. They would never be able to get even one step up on the ladder, never mind be able to throw off the chains of BritNats’ enforced poverty.

      It does not bear thinking about should Labour ever have the reins of government in Scotland again, it’s a terrifying thought. Lastly look at what ‘Labour’ did in decades at the helm at Glasgow CC, lining their own pockets, denying women equal pay, con men and women who should never have been even close to being in public office.
      MacConnell, took a seat in the HOL’s as enthusiastically as he had shafted Scotland, is now paid £300+ a day for life. That tells us all we need to know about Labour and their pretendy lefty branch in Scotland, they would sell Scotland lock stock and barrel off on the cheap to line their own pockets. Keep Labour at least at one planets distance away from the helm at Holyrood, they are toxic to anything that is life affirming and decent for the people who are forced to pay their very geneerous wages. No thanks.

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      1. Sorry the typos, or should I say typoos!! Still at least when I type ‘see you later toady’ instead of ‘today’ people know I don’t really mean they are a toad!
        Have a good evening all…


  2. As far as London branch office Labour concerned
    Tis only a matter of a few months before they implode and disappear
    So what is the point of affording them decades
    Pit the pair wee beastie oot its misery


  3. O/T John I’ve a lot of time for Danny Dorling, he explains to thickos like me how Brexit was a complete stitch up with his wonderful mappings, even if England remains largely oblivious.

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  4. Well done SNP, for making inroads into repairing the damage to Scotland that took place over decades, even centuries, plenty more to do, against huge odds however while shackled to the so called ‘UK’.


  5. The new Scottish Child Payment isn’t going to fix everything, but its a start, and something that never would have been done by Westminster.


    1. I think people and ScotGov are aware of that, just like their Carers supplement of £460 a year doesn’t fix everything for unpaid carers, but it helps massively, when you are dependant on the EngGov’s meagre Carers Allowance (for ‘unpaid carers) of £66 a week…and they take it all off your income support, £ for £, to add insult to injury, leaving a carer with a generous £116 a week, for up to 50 hours plus of care!
      Baby boxes, new start grants, crisis funding, welfare funding, bedroom tax (imposed by the BritNat EngGov) mitigation, it’s all a ‘start’ and being implemented for the people of Scotland, when the alternative would be horrendous if the BritNats were in power at Holyrood, going on their past
      performance. The ScotGov support for the poorest and most vulnerable is a cushion against Tory/red Tory cuts, their so called ‘austerity’. Kicking the poor into the gutter and stamping on them to boot.

      The BritNats’ terrible, destructive, despicable legacy in Scotland’s communities will impact Scotland’s poorest for some time to come, and the work of the SNP to reverse some of the worst attacks on the poor would be undone at the stroke of a (very expensive) pen should the BritNats ever get near power in Scotland.

      Liebour can make all the promises they like, no one believes them anymore especially and particularly in Scotland.
      Labour are red Tories,in bed with the Tories, all greedy selfserving troughers.


  6. Scir Keir will be on the phone—“stop it, or I’ll need to do the same, dann saff”.
    “We need to keep the poor, poor or they will have no aspirations”.
    “Look at you damm Scots, you now think you can do better than the high rise slums Labour built for you”!

    And Monica will do what generations of Scottish Labourites have done before—DAE WHIT THEYRE TELT!

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  7. Westminster cut Welfare £16Billion. Cut Education £6Billion a year. Cut NHS £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. They increased Military spending £4Billion a year recently. They introduced universal credit to cut £100 a month from recipients. One parent families, women and children. They spent £Billions on the bureaucratic changes. Ian Duncan Smith. They have had to increase it £20 a week. The changes were a total waste of money.

    The Tories have wasted £Billions on Brexit, more than all the total contributions. £Billions are being wasted on Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident. More than all the welfare cuts.

    The Scottish Gov have had to mitigate the cuts. £100million a year on welfare. Social care. Kinship payments. Less children in care. Payments and grants to those who need it. Support for students and education. The £10 child credit payments due will make a difference. Building affordable rental houses. Investment in bridges, roads and railways. MUP has cut consumption and deaths.

    The Tories are a complete disgrace. They will be voted out. The Brexit mess and shambles. Total incompetence.

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  8. Labour supported illegal wars, tax evasion and financial fraud. Costing Scotland. Thatcher decimated the Scottish economy. Illegally and secretly taking Scotland’s revenues and resources. Lying about it. Deregulated the world banking system causing the banking crash.

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