Senior BBC reporter ignorant of JCVI, SHOCK

Interviewed by Marr this morning, Glenn Campbell updates viewers across the UK with ‘evidence’ that Scotland is only now just beginning to catch up on the rest of the UK’s vaccination rate, but is still well behind.

Being the ‘pro’ that he is, he inserts:

But the Scottish Government would say that is because they have been focusing, first of all on care homes.

Why was that Glenn? Why do you think they did that, if it meant they fell behind? Do tell. No?

Correct me if I’m wrong, Glenn, but didn’t the independent experts at the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation tell all the UK governments do do just what the Scottish Government did?

Did you hear, Glenn, that Scotland has done 95% of these most-at-risk folk and that England is well behind Scotland?

What would you have said if Scotland had been ahead overall but behind on care homes?

Dear reader, make up your own headline for Glenn.

8 thoughts on “Senior BBC reporter ignorant of JCVI, SHOCK”

  1. The entire Marr programme was a disgrace. Marr was almost choking in his Rush to insert his next vitriolic remark during his “interview” of Nicola.
    Behind on injections, tick
    Guilty of Salmond attack, tick
    Drug deaths, tick
    Illegal referendum, tick

    This is journalism? Making statements and rushing on to the next charge.

    They still cannot grasp the concept that Independence is not a one Party issue. They focus their attacks on individuals and the SNP and ignore the reality of a people’s movement.

    This is the balanced, neutral national broadcaster on display…take a good look.

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  2. Poor Glenn. Unemployment a cert. The Glen of woe!

    The BEEB will be gone from Scotland, and Glen will be all washed up with all the rest of the Brit Nit flotsam.

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  3. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Glenn, but didn’t the independent experts at the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation tell all the UK governments do do just what the Scottish Government did?”

    And as commended by the WHO’s Dr David Nabarro on Radio Scotland News at 0730 on the 22nd, before Sarah Smith choked on her corn flakes and pulled it, not a cheep since.

    Glenn is simply spinning the PQ “Covid in Scotland: Where are the latest cases?” perspective, vaccinations targeted v accomplished, and vaccinated age groups which have no bearing on what SG are aiming to achieve.
    That is left to the likes of travellingtabby to cover.

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  4. Slightly OT – Glenn was doing the ‘Papers’ slot on the Marr show. Who was the other reviewer, some lassie from Yorkshire on a very poor connection.
    Her whole purpose seemed to be to recite the 5 ways that bojo is going to defend the union but fortunately for the bbc she could hardly be heard. Presumably at some time in the future if the bbc has to defend not reporting this on the ther Scotland ‘news’ web pages they will say ‘ah but we told you the AM show’.
    Normally they only have a reporter from a provincial paper when there is a north of england story which there wasn’t so IMHO it was either i) no london based reporter would go on with Glenn / NS or ii) they wanted to downplay the content. I’m also sure that the use of a provincial reporter will be spun as leveling up!


  5. Glen is so BORING that I am normally asleep before you can say Galveston. This time though I was silently screaming at the screen for him to explain why the vaccination rate was behind, but just knowing that he wouldn’t.


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