First Minister is ready this time and takes marr out with sharp jabs on jags

Perhaps still annoyed by having more complaints than any other BBC show in recent history, after his last interview with the First Minister, and realising that his clearance by the BBC was just another unconvincing whitewash, Marr opened grudgingly and still dishonestly with:

The death rate is now below England.

Now? Well since November 23rd, after being roughly the same for the whole pandemic period other than the only four weeks his staff found in October, and currently at only half the rate.

In what seems now like an official line, he repeats the accusation that Scotland is behind England on vaccinations.

This time, she is clearly well-prepared and in the first of several short sharp jabs, she points out the facts that viewers need to hear. She restrains from a knockout blow, however. That the English strategy is already showing signs of producing a second wave of deaths in care homes due to their delay, is not mentioned.

Then, Marr repeats the Douglas Ross misinformation about alleged unused stocks. Again, prepared, she jabs him with the facts on the UK warnings about not publishing supply figures.

Then, Marr uses an out-of-date quote from the BMA rep Andrew ‘party-going’ Buist. She jabs Marr with a more up-to-date one and reminds him of accusations in England of Matt Hancock’s own patchy supply to doctors.

Finally, well in control this time, she returns to the 95% care home figure. He tries to cut her off but:

And then it was on to Salmondgate.

I switched off.

13 thoughts on “First Minister is ready this time and takes marr out with sharp jabs on jags

  1. I think after the big balls up (dodgy data) last time Marr in himself was more tempered (good)l, but his real problem was his researchers. Feeding him lines that are already old news (e.g. week old commentary of Dr Buist)

    My only regret, is that Nicola didn’t take the ‘WHERE ARE THE VACCINES’ logic journey she did with Ruth Davidson earlier in the week. If Scotland has hundreds supposedly lying dusty, then England has millions!

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  2. Why is it that Ministers in “Englands” government have repeatedly caught covid-19, or have had to isolate because of too close contact with people who are infected.
    I am unaware of any Scottish government Minsters in the same situation.

    “Andy Pandy” Marr is one of the “good ol’ boys” in the Britnat Elite.
    Privately educated then Oxbridge. Cushy BBC billet. Hob-nobbing with the high heid yins dann saff.
    Is Scotland being a self-governing country a threat to all that?
    “Go Home, Jocko”! ——All the street urchins cry!

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  3. John – you switched off too soon.

    It is the Salmond stitch-up which will be her undoing. Hopefully soon, but, if not, when the Unionist media and the Unionist parties really turn the heat on her during the Holyrood election campaign.

    She is not the leader who will take us to independence.


    1. Doing their job for them, well done. If anyone has been stitched up it’s both NS and AS, all in one fell swoop. The BritNat state are experts at that and it was obviously very well planned. The independence folk clamouring to see NS ousted and delighting in the BritNat attacks on her in the run up to a crucial election for Scotland, well, no words to describe that own goal!

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    2. I’m with Nicola!

      The Unionist media and Wings over nothing have been trying to destroy Our First Minister for years, she’s becoming more popular.

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  4. “Then, Marr repeats the Douglas Ross misinformation about alleged unused stocks.” – Despite this having been completely debunked by STV’s Colin Mackay on the 20th.

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  5. The woman with hair mop looked a bit displeased at the end of that positive statement of facts about vaccines. Nicola Sturgeon should remind these media folk not to politicise the pandemic, as she was accused of doing incessantly, by those who are actually politicising it, and who are dining out on anything they can make up, to portray Scotland as second class to their masters in England.
    Good to see STV clarifying things to the public for once.

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  6. At the end of the piece, in relation to the concentration on care homes, Marr slipped in something like “because that’s where the biggest problem was”. The implication was clear – that Scotland only needed to go fast on care homes because of the “Scottish care home scandal” – which was professionally debunked many times on this very blog.


  7. John
    Nicola was not prepared as much as you believe, because and as AM introduced stats and graphs carefully selected to portray Scotland as way below EngScot previously.
    And here is how i would have reacted this morning whilst being quizzed by him
    Oh my dear Andrew i do believe you like to show the audience some data and graphs pertaing to Scottish deaths and case numbers
    So I have updated those figures to bring yours of 23rd Nov. Up to date
    To most recent of Sat.23rd.of Jan.
    From your date of 23rd Nov to Sat.23 rd.Jan.
    Deaths / Million in England are 66.8% higher than Scotland
    New cases are 123% higher than Scotland
    This data was retrieved from UK.Gov website
    I have them here in bar chart and graph form
    Do you wish for me to show you and your audience
    If not can you explain what these figures actually mean in real terms and effects to those who are or will watch this
    Over to you Andrew my dear fellow Scot


  8. In the face of unrelenting SG fail journalism from the BBC and Tory driven MSM, and as we approach the run up to the May elections it is time to take the gloves off.
    The order to attack, not defend, must go out.
    Ross, Rennie, Baillie and the whole coterie of WM gobshits should now be attacked on their false statistics, false assertions and gratuitous slights on the SG’s effectiveness.
    The best form of defence being attack let the troops be at them.


    1. Perthcol
      Tis time to take the gloves of and let the dogs out
      But all in a very controlled polite and respectful manner
      Never argue only discuss and leave our foes to err
      If they argue or wrong,call such out and disengage even if on live media
      Simply informing them you no longer wish to partake of such and their bad company
      Sieze not only the day
      But the narrative
      Take no prisoners or fools


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