Idea of SNP agenda against Celtic causes mirth

I thought the SNP agenda was supposed to be against the Rangers? You know like this:

What’s happened? Has anything happened?

Are these all faked?

The Justice Minister

 Mr Dornan, left, and Mr Dalton in front of flag
MSP James Dornan and councillor Feargal Dalton

Steven Bonnar MP

Oh wait, is this the reason, he’s upset? First, she moans about the fans singing without masks on, now the players sunbathing without them on. She must be a Gers fan.

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4 thoughts on “Idea of SNP agenda against Celtic causes mirth

  1. The “Old Firm”.
    Talk about them and they get upset.

    Dont talk about them and they get doubly upset.

    They are desperate to be top dogs in Scotland.
    They are desperate to get to the English league, but not by moving there (they could buy a wee club for peanuts).
    No, they would want a team left in Scotland, to endlessly milk a “religious” divide (most fans would know what the inside of a church/chapel looked like) that is stoked with sly references by their media chums.

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  2. These two clubs are poor, wee, misunderstood souls. If you’re not openly for them (Murdo Fraser and Rangers) then you have to be against them.

    Like them and the majority of their followers, it’s very simple.

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  3. I know nothing about football, but the BritNats have used it to try to create division in Scotland, it didn’t work. They have used religion, it didn’t work. They have used gender, it almost worked, what’s left…?


    1. ArtHetty
      You ask what is left
      They do not know but seek it there seek it everywhere
      All they have in their armoury is One word
      But for them it has to discharged via a clapped out old Imperial rifle which if used
      Will only backfire upon their face
      Fear not a refusal for Sect 30 refusal
      Biggest mistake they shall ever and are about to make


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