I smell a rat

Winged Rat Chimaera - - Rattus volantis - 40×33×24 cm - Catawiki

When I saw the Herald headline below, I smelled a rat. I didn’t expect it to be a winged one.

After a quick search, it became clear that the poll had been paid for and scripted by Wings over Scotland.

In a strange report, Stuart Campbell writes:

In addition to the Survation poll that was in the field last week and which we’ve been reporting on, there was also a Panelbase one going round at the same time. (It’s as yet unpublished, and having been sent a few of the… interesting questions in it by some people who took the poll we’re very excited to find out who commissioned it. Our money is on either George Galloway’s furious new list party – which incidentally just had its registration refused again by the Electoral Commission – or the collection of anonymous hyper-Unionist nutters ironically calling themselves “The Majority”.) But as the opportunity was there we slipped a couple of questions of our own in too, and the findings from one of them were pretty dramatic. Because SNP loyalists on social media endlessly insist that nobody outside the Twitter political bubble cares much about the scandal over the Scottish Government’s conduct regarding Alex Salmond, and it turns out that’s not true.

What is he on about? Why is he talking about George Galloway? Is he trying to make himself seem less suspicious?

Is this computer games coder humour? Don’t imagine you can say I don’t get it because I’m too old. Ageism is now illegal. I’ll sue. Kezia Dugdale’s dad is my adviser.

Then we see the evidence:

It’s a Panelbase poll so must it be accurate? It will be interesting to see the full report.

Even with a reliable pollster it is possible to get what you want. Survation has now done four for Scotland in Union , all of which found big leads for staying in the UK.

It’s hard to imagine someone with more determination to get the First Minister, so I can’t help but be suspicious. I don’t know how he did it but…..

Seriously though, against the background of numerous polls suggesting very high levels of confidence in Nicola Sturgeon, this seems a bit of an outlier.

Then again, Murdo Fraser is on his side, so what do I know.

Winged Rat Chimaera - - Rattus volantis - 40×33×24 cm - Catawiki

31 thoughts on “I smell a rat

  1. Something very weird has happened to WoS and its Bristol based , Libdem voting Scottish patriot .
    One has to wonder if he is a plant by the security services or has he just gone right off his trolley !
    My money is on the latter !

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  2. The Herald are giving him a platform now. His site has been condoned by the Tories, something went very very wrong. Scotland has much much more important things to deal with than those who lost the plot and now promote and work for the BritNat state against Scotland. Money talks that’s for sure.

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  3. I don’t post comments very often as others say far better than I could.

    However, the nonsense written above and, indeed, in the prof’s post couldn’t be ignored.

    Let’s wheesht for indy then and ignore the fact that Sturgeon has done nothing to advance Independence other than asking for a S30, which she knows will be refused.

    She has been more interested in trying to put a innocent man in jail for the rest of his life.

    Not forgetting GRA and Hate Crime bills, which are apparently more important than indy

    So go right ahead and abuse WOS but funnily enough these commentators don’t rebuff what has been written but attack the man. Straight from the British Nationalist playbook.


      1. Prof, debunk his articles and point out the lies that he is writing as you do with the mainstream media regarding what is happening with the SNP and the collusion to jail an innocent man, etc.

        Or are you happy with that and the continued smears against Alex Salmond?

        Looks like the BTL comments are going the same way as WGD… How dare anyone criticise Nicola Sturgeon.


      2. Why have your deleted my comment twice now in response to the cheap jibe by your regular btl commentator?

        Is it ok for your regulars to take cheap shots at others but not the other way?

        Very disappointing.


    1. Every newspaper that Wings used to denigrate he now supports, every journalist that Wings used to denigrate he now stands behind, we now have polls conducted and paid for by George Galloway that Wings says he *sneaked* questions into, how does one sneak questions into someone else’s poll without their co operation

      Wings now insists that he has unnamed reliable sources, now that’s a subject on which he regularly informed us all that we should never believe anyone who can’t or refuses to name sources
      Wings also insists he has *someone* inside Holyrood well that can’t be anyone in the SNP or the Labour party because neither of those parties would give him the time of day so it’s a Tory or Lib Dem if what he says is true, but of course his own argument for not believing in unnamed sources kinda negates that mince

      I don’t know whether Wings motives are vindictive or financial and I don’t really care , but one thing I do know is his actions have not one scintilla to do with this pretendy defence of Alex Salmond’s predicament that’s just one big pile of brown stuff

      By his own admission on his own various banned for hate speech Twitter accounts referring to his occupation he called himself a *subversive*

      We could mention the Kezia Dugdale case and how that affected him because the SNP supported Dugdale and not him, but of course that was not because they agreed with Miss Dugdale they just knew what Wings was and personally didn’t like him and neither did the judge


  4. “Is he trying to make himself seem less suspicious?”
    What are you on about saying what is he on about trying to make himself less suspicious? What is he suspicious about and why should he want to seem to be less suspicious?


      1. John made a joke about my grammar on a recent post. I’m paying him the same compliment. It has nothing to do with anything above on which I intend to say nowt.


  5. The level of confirmation bias now displayed by WoS is quite staggering. I believe his enormous ego has still not recovered from being rebuffed when he speculated about starting a political party and offered to work in conjunction with the SNP. Wings was fantastic at exposing media bias but you would not want him running a political party.

    It’s one thing to be an agitator for positive change but when he’s being quoted by Baroness Davidson and the Spectator you know something is far wrong.

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  6. The behaviour the anti-Nicola Sturgeon folk are attributing to her is not something that would just happen. It is of such a nature that it would have long precedence with lots of evidence.
    There is none, not an iota.
    There is a lot of innuendo and hearsay from those trying to damage her position.
    One of the main opponents, Craig Murray, tried to smear Mike Russell to get the Presidency of the SNP, and was intent on using that position to attack her. This in itself says those against her cannot be trusted. The ironic thing is the accusation against Mike Russell would have damaged Alex more.
    When the Herald touts a story and the Tories gleefully support it then for me it’s selling a lie.
    Nicola Sturgeon has done more to prepare Scotland, nationally and internationally, for Independence than any other individual. Her contacts across the world and in the EU have changed the whole perception of Scotland on its way to being an independent country.
    The Brit press, commentariat and establishment outlet, BBC’Scot’, have done their best to make sure Scots don’t see it, but our own online media have done much to counter that, along with the wider Yes movement.

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  7. I used to support the SNP as they supported independence. As a political party they required to be very centrist and so liberals were welcome. However, under NS they have shifted to the left and have abandoned the pursuit of independence. Things they are doing now are illiberal, even totalitarian. Your observations and those of your supporters are childish in the extreme and represents the ugly face of the NS party.


  8. If see you’ve found the solution to your low web traffic issue John, just incorporate Stu, Campbell, Wings or WOS into any piece and they’ll all come out of the woodwork to throw rattles…

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  9. Prof. I think the point is (like him, loath him, trust him or don’t trust him) Stu Campbell always provides references, evidence to support his conclusions in his work.

    Same as you (and your contributors) do here.

    I read your stuff, Grouse Beater, WoS, Craig Murray, Iain Lawson, Gordon Dangerfield.

    I appreciate well written and researched work that evidences it’s conclusions.

    WoS forensically destroys false Unionist claims and is currently doing the same to the SNP, SG, COPFS over the attempt to, it appears commit contempt of court and obstruction of justice to jail AS.

    It isn’t pleasant to read and we all thought our Scottish Government has the moral high ground over Westminster.

    But we are all aspiring to live in a better country, and that should be one where high level corruption is unacceptable (regardless of who the Party in power is).

    The truth will out eventually.

    John, I truly believe both yourself and WoS are on the same side, the right side in the fight to reclaim our nation’s independence.


  10. Absolutely everyone is singularly missing the one and only matter that is of the utmost and prime importance with regards the AS enquiry at Holyrood
    And that is this AS was denied during his trial
    To have evidence pertaining to the pursuers
    Witness,s being presented and as such he would be not only in contempt of court but forced to lie or refuse to respond to a very loaded question that without doubt someone
    On the Holyrood enquiry committee would present to him
    Such puts him a lose lose position
    But more importantly and especially the Labour,Tory and Liberal MSP,s are in full knowledge that they can make representation via legal action in The Court of Session to instruct the courts to release the relevant documents
    But they all know that such action must be voted on in Holyrood before hand,but none are willing or have the guts to do so,Because no matter what they cannot possibly win as if they succeeded then the cat is well and truly in the pigeon loft
    All this is a massive clue as to the grenade this evidence is and no one dare to pull the pin out
    Because we know upon which faces it shall go BANG upon


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