Infected but still strong enough to cross the line into a place where ‘a better nation’ can be formed

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I DO BELIEVE that the Scottish Government has been infected, penetrated, by a few individuals, more loyal to the UK and probably placed there by forces such as MI5 and the Civil Service heads. That would be a normal thing for them to do, given their task of protecting the UK.

I DO BELIEVE they have done some damage, abetted by the police and the judiciary. The attacks on Salmond, Murray and Campbell, are evidence.

I DO BELIEVE that the First Minister, in the maelstrom of her professional life and perhaps too driven by her understandable commitment to women’s rights and to the rights of other groups such as the trans community, may have been exploited by these forces to enable the attacks.

I DO BELIEVE that the SNP has been infected by careerists, placemen and activists for issues other than the burning need for independence and that this presence could weaken the drive toward the primary goal of independence.

I ACCEPT that my own undying determination to expose BBC bias goes beyond a normal, healthy, commitment, because of my treatment by them in 2014, seeking punishment by my university-employer and damaging my career. I suspect that the recent vengeful attacks on the SNP leadership and strategists, by elements within the wider movement, are driven by the same sense of hurt and the consequent self-centredness with its fondness for blinkers.

I AM CONFIDENT that the SNP and the wider movement are far too strong to be brought down by these infections. The democratic fightback within the NEC and the continuing surge in support for both the SNP and for Yes in the polls, suggest that the Party’s immune system is strong.

I DO BELIEVE there will be a referendum soon, this year or early 2022, and that we will win.

16 thoughts on “Infected but still strong enough to cross the line into a place where ‘a better nation’ can be formed

  1. Yes…I believe in all of that too!

    Calmness and certainty, as though it’s just a matter of time.

    Appreciate your emails.

    Henry McMillan

    On 21/01/2021 10:08, Talking-up Scotland wrote: > > johnrobertson834 posted: ” I DO BELIEVE that the Scottish Government > has been infected, penetrated, by a few individuals, more loyal to the > UK and probably placed there by forces such as MI5 and the Civil > Service heads. That would be a normal thing for them to do, given th” >

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  2. The party is facing an internal struggle which is no doubt being exploited by unionist forces. Some members loyal to the current leadership seems only too ready to categorise any discussion around Keatings , Murray , Dangerfield and Salmond as dangerous heresy propagated by anti independence “agents” . Hopefully the party can find a way of resolving these issues without prejudicing electoral success in May .The party managers will have to get an urgent wiggle on to retain its full complement of activists, although with a virtual campaign , activist activity may not play a decisive role. We have yet to learn in any detail ,how the party proposes to deploy its activists in a virtual campaign.

    You have painted the big picture very well , many thanks John .

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  3. History, history, history….London has been behaving thus for centuries. What they cannot achieve by placement they do by award of title, career or bribery.

    Read the background to every current Nation that has travelled the road to Independence.

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  4. I too believe all you have written, EXCEPT for there being another referendum anytime let alone soon under this present leadership, she has been got at..But everyone knew that the party was infiltrated, yet even after all the nonsense of the first attempt to GET ALEX, she not only keeps the lying Evans ON, but she gets a HUGE rise in salary..Nicola had to know who Evans was, we all do, she re at the heart of the North Ayrshire PFI Scandal..But the real question to be answered is to why they won’t allow evidence to be seen or read at the committee meetings on the harassment case. I believe the evidence Geof Aberdeen’s gave in court, the jury believed it too, & if it IS true, then why is it being omitted from the inquiry, when the biggest question is “did the FM mislead Parliament” & she did. If this had been any other party Nicola would be screaming for their heads just as she did with Wendy ALEXANDER, who although never a Labour supporter, & never could be, I honestly believe hers was a mistake. She herself didn’t even know of the donation it was accepted by a member of her office on her behalf. She resigned as soon as she knew it had been accepted.. We have had too many dirty tricks being pulled by too many people caught out in lies. The FM should sit in front of that committee with ALL the evidence being heard. Because if Geof Aberdeins evidence is not allowed, then there is really no point to Alex Salmond attending as this is just another stitch up to leave his character tainted with the mud slung by the FM & her team of nasties. I had the greatest of respect for Nicola Sturgeon, met her many times, & always thought she was the perfect successor Alex.. I can barely look at her today, knowing that she has played her part in this destroying of the party I have voted for over the past 53yrs. I will never trust them until the whole hierarchy has gone. And the disinfecting has been done to a high standard..

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  5. I would like to believe you are right with this, but I have my doubts. Whether you are right or wrong, this is the last chance for the SNP. If the SNP get a majority at the next Holyrood election, ask WM for a section 30, get a refusal and then do nothing but wring their hands, I will cancel my membership of 35 years and join the ISP or other. This is their last chance and I won’t be alone in this thinking!


  6. Every word you say is the truth, John.
    But MI5 would be failing in their duty if they hadnt placed “assets” in the SNP/YES movement.
    That doesnt excuse the Scots who sell short their own country for a bag of jube-jubes (or a lucky bag).
    Some of them get an ermine scarf and a seat on the gravy train. B’stards!

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  7. John
    You are totally wrong
    But once you amend the word Believe
    To read
    For a fact
    Then you 100% correct
    Believe and then doubt creeps in
    Facts are irrefutable and eventually become beliefs
    Tis up to our foes to prove other wise

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  8. I agree John. It is obvious that MI5 has not been watching the Scottish people move continuously towards independence without doing anything. Now what they do best is to get inside organizations and create division and disruption.
    Of course, they do not need to invent problems, just to help develop them when they find some grounds to do so. We must all be careful not to fall into their trap when commenting on such issues.


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