The same dentist has a moan again -Gimme the money!

Headlining in the Herald today:

THE goal of immunising 400,000 Scots a week against Covid could be derailed unless more is done to cut “ridiculous bureaucratic hold ups” that are leading some would-be vaccinators to quit, clinicians have warned.

It turns out ‘clinicians’ is a stretch and it’s only David McColl again. He’s upset about ‘a barrage of paperwork and training modules.’ Here he is in today’s Herald report:

Here he is on 1st November 2020:

Here he is in the Herald on 26th July 2020:

No new up-to-date photo? That was a story where the words ‘only two’ should have been inserted before the word ‘Dentists.’ It was about:

Why is he apparently the only one tearing his hair out sufficiently to want to keep contacting the Herald?

The National, exhibiting it’s ‘journalistic principles’ and willingness to criticise the SNP, shared the photo, in June:

But, further back, in June 2017, journos had a different photo:

McColl claimed:

Voluntary early retirement among Scottish GDPs has doubled in the last two years according to the vice-chair of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee (SDPC).

And the facts told a different story. They had reduced from 79 in the previous year to 69 as he spoke in June 2017:

So, a typically reliable source of the kind the Herald loves and and then expects you to trust.

Footnote: Is he, are they (Dentists), like the also protesting GP union (BMA), just angry because they want a bigger share of the lucrative business of using their own low-paid staff to deliver simple jags for the generous fees you can get for the Covid vaccine work?

The fee earned for just one Covid jag is £12.58 but for the flu it’s only £9.58.

7 thoughts on “The same dentist has a moan again -Gimme the money!

  1. Scotland is just deplete of everything, everyone, and anything good or positive, it’s simply just incapable. Might as well hand the reins over to EngGov, the caring sharing BritNats will find plenty vaccinators to deploy to Scotland, after all the EngGov are giving free money direct to Tory councils in Scotland, avoiding the pesky ScotGov the people actually voted for, who are saving lives.
    Mr. Dentist is maybe just a cardboard cutout. The BritNat media try to scare the people of Scotland out of voting for the only party who gives a hoot about them. BritNat media is a threat to the lives of the people of Scotland, but to them the people are collateral.
    I am sure I read they have some robots deployed to vaccinate people, in China!
    Shame there is no vaccination that could stop BritNats lying,!

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  2. Oh and early retirement is only possible if you have enough cash in the bank, and/or some other way of making money. People such as GP’s, bankers, etc, it’s the highly paid who can afford to retire early.

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  3. The obvious problem with Scotland is that the voters are out of step with the media.

    A variation on;

    “The problem with Scotland is that it is full of Scots”

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