Lowest infection rate since last year missed!

Headline story for BBC Scotland:

Speaking on the BBC’s Politics Scotland programme, Dr Andrew Buist, who chairs the British Medical Association’s (BMA) GP committee in Scotland, said there was (sic) inconsistencies across the GP network.

Dr Buist’s evidence was, of course, just from his own practice. He hadn’t any survey evidence.

And the big news of the day, the biggest fall in reported infections since December 28th? Nowhere.

And the Herald misses an open goal! They tell us the latest score but neglect to tell us it’s the lowest since last year.

What a missed opportunity! Folk would pay for that kind of news.

12 thoughts on “Lowest infection rate since last year missed!

  1. Open goal
    The Herald could not slap a barn door if they were inches next to it
    If that barn door was the one to responsible freedom


  2. The latest WOO-WOO excitement in the Bit Nit moon
    -howling camp, is news that the SNP are to set up an “independence task force”, in the MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC.
    SNP? Independence? Who would have thunk it? Doh!

    The pandemic did not stop EU separatism from the Brits.

    The pandemic did not stop a Union Unit being set up in the very heart of the Anglo-Brit Empire Borisdome, and being run by some useless drone the electorate chased out of Scotland, and back to his mammy.
    Perhaps he is one on the many Boris weans we are told zilch about.

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  3. OT – Hadn’t visited travellingtabby for a bit so only just noticed he’s got a vaccinations table up, and the Total button shows up the three groups of Priority lists 1-4, 5-9, Under-50s, together with the %age deaths for each, which gave me rather a jolt.
    If the 1-4 grouping accounts for 88% of deaths, I dread to think how that breaks down for each of the four.
    Compared to the useless age banded graph produced by HMS Sarah Smith it is certainly more informative, not that this is PQ’s remit obviously.

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    1. Bob,
      This from the Daily Telegraph online this evening makes for grim reading about long covid and the re-hospitalisation of those who suffer from it and the subsequent death rate. Deaths which may not be recorded in the overall total



      1. The numbers aren’t massive for the sample, and the unknowns of long-Covid were warned about when post-recovery problems were first flagged up early on, although death wasn’t one of the outcomes flagged.

        Yet when you consider the scale of the public health disaster which has engulfed London and SEE from the Etonian “take it on the chin” bravado, and the sheer number of cases involved (what we are told v real) it will be a terrifying aftershock for the English public once the current situation is stabilised.

        I’ve said it before, there is an entire UK Cabinet who should be on trial in the Hague for what they have done, once this is all over.

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    1. All we can do is keep pointing out this disgraceful propaganda on social media and ensuring it circulates, it extends WAY further than we sometimes realise.

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    2. The ABC (BBC) Scotland squak like a parrot on a perch in order to amuse their masters
      Bit as far as we are concerned son they shall be a Dead one
      Who is a stupid boy
      Who is a stupid boy
      Who is a stupid boy


  4. I have been staying on here on numerous occs.about the devastation of long covid
    China reconised such very quickly from early
    Research,which led to them ramping up this research
    That is one of the main reasons they have been so ruthless in measures to completely control this virus and very quickly were informed of the serious long term economic
    And social effects of letting the virus rip
    So much so that their economy is + 3.18% up on pre covid
    This in turn has led to the forecast of China that was destined to overtake USA as the global top economy in 2032 being revised to achieving this by 2026 but this based on 1st wave
    Obviously as the 2 nd wave in Western economies impact more severely then the date of 2026 will also have to revised
    Not only economically has China taken full advantage,it also doing so militarily thereby
    Ensuring that the Hegemony of the west is now finished and for ever
    All this has actually was the cause of what we see now as the unfolding and developing edevelo continue to grow in impact
    History will judge in economic,geopolitical and military terms
    That Covid 19 indeed what is correctly termed as A Hinge of Fate
    President Xi called indivually back in May/ June all leading political, military,planners,Academics,Entrepreneurs and Major Industries in individual groups and explained the scenario to each group and thatvall must work together in implementing new master plan with the greatest of steadfast superior effort
    Luckily in Scotland and with one hand tied behind our back in the future as we go forward as a Independent nation can if handled properly leave England standing
    Socially and economically
    Simples England has pro rata a 80 % higher infection rate
    So bloody obvious tis it not
    Protect the money and loose the bloody lot
    Protect the health and you can win the lot
    Not rocket science,just plain old fashioned common sense
    Ah but greed doth indeed cloud judgement
    Tis not called one of the deadly sins for nothing
    Greed is NOT Good

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