From BBC Scotland’s slightly unnerving Fiona Stalker, tonight:

78 deaths have been registered in Scotland of people who had tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 28 days. That’s along with 1 753 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. That’s more than 400 lower than on the previous day, in a run of 10 days now where the 7-day average has fallen. The 7-day average death rate has also fallen for two days now. The infection and death rate in England remains twice as high as that in Scotland.’

Oh, OK, she didn’t say all that. Just the first two sentences. Well that other stuff; not really in the public interest is it?

12 thoughts on “78 DEATHS! 1 753 NEW CASES!

    1. Suit cases, nut cases? Anyway it looks like Ms. Stalker should have been a pop band singer or something, wiv an attitude, but that failed so
      daddy put in a word or three?


  1. John
    Please take a look at UK.Gov daily corona stats
    How something very sneaky or a wrong figure entered
    On Tues or Wed this week their was a delay in usual daily publish from 1600 hrs to 2200 hrs
    They stating delay was due to computer errors with Daily death data
    All this was going on whilst all the main news channels were heading with Boris and his great vaccine successes
    So here is the discrepancy for Totals of Daily English deaths
    As reported Fri.15th jan
    Total no.76338 a increase of 1139 over preceeding day
    As reported Sat 16th Jan.
    Total no.77748 a increase of 1410 on prev.day
    But total no.of death increase for the whole of UK for similar period was only 1295 no.
    That is 125 no. more for England than the whole of the UK . STATISTICALLY impossible
    So is it a genuine misprint or hiding what was actually going on as Boris was orchestrating
    His MSM band players
    Because if you exc.tiny San Marino
    England now has the 3rd highest death rate in the World which most certainly does not fit neatly alongside their vaccination nos.globally

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  2. As I forecast, the BEEB is now running with a competition over vax stats–DRossy being DESPERATE to announce this a week ago.
    So why no contextual infection rate stats?
    Ditto mortality rates?
    It’s obvious the BBC is manipulating the news to disguise English government incompetence. There are no comparable statistics.
    Except for the direct propaganda of Marr and Bruce.

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    WHICH WILL SURELY BE DISBANDED after Independence Day

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  4. I’d like to share with you a ‘joke’!

    It’s contained within the BBC Editorial Guidelines: Section 10: Politics, Public Policy and Polls – Introduction

    “ One of the BBC’s public purposes is ‘To provide impartial news and information TO HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND and engage with the world around them … so that all audiences can engage fully with major local, regional, national, United Kingdom and global issues and participate in the democratic process, at all levels, as active and INFORMED CITIZENS.” (my emphasis)

    (And note the distinction here between ‘national’ and ‘United Kingdom’. It’s clear that – as revealed daily – the editors, script writers and presenters on the Radio 4 Today programme don’t accept this distinction.)

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  5. Why wait. I stopped paying for a TV licence during September last year, about the time of the stushie with the FM’s daily briefings. I don’t miss the Beeb’s lies. I have had one visit from an ignorant enforcement officer, unfortunately a Scot, who arrived at my door with no possibility of entry due to Covid restrictions and who’s mere presence was solely intimidatory! TV is no longer educational. I learn more from our host’s writings. More power to his elbow and my unqualified thanks to him.

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    1. Good yes ditch the BBC, we did that years ago when our aerial broke, paid lots to have it half fixed, still no reception, oh well that’s good, never looked back since. They write a letter every now an dthen, saying give us some cash if you watch even one of our brilliant progs, I write back saying they’d have to pay me to watch anything they produce. They can’t enter your house unless they have a warrant, (there are bogus tv ‘inspectors’ as well so beware), they can’t threaten or harass you, you can’t be jailed for ‘debt’ in Scotland, unlike in England, and all you need do is write say you don’t watch their (c**p) on any device, thanks very muchly and ta ta…and you should get a refund if you pay monthly in advance.

      We have been watching a BBC programme on YouTube, gadget man(?) anyway he takes gadgets to try out on people, nearly all to BBC employees or ex ones, my god do they all have massive posh houses, bloody hell! They are so very rich by most peoples’ standards, no wonder folk will do anything to work for the BBC! Anything like Ms. twisty mouth wiv an attitude who should respect her audience wot! I reckon she has been plonked there to try and attract young folk to be brainwashed, in Scotland. Ha ha ha, nice try BBC!!


  6. Health/care workers are already getting the vaccine. People are getting tested and getting the vaccine. 2 people a day are dying from covid and underling causes. 1000+ people a week die on average in the winter. Usually of old age.

    Guernsey does not allow people in or out. Strict quarantine. Pop 70,000.


  7. My theory is that the constant lying and manipulation eats at you soul…it shows through eventually.

    You can only kid yourself for so long that you are reading “The News”


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