Steady as we go: 7-day average falls for 6th day in a row

As before, I’m not suggesting for a minute that we can afford to ease up, to lose discipline, but a wee boost to our confidence that we can do it helps us keep going with even greater determination.

Jeanne Freeman’s prediction that I might get my jag in early March has been another wee boost.

Anyhow, back to the graph.

The FM and Prof Leitch were understandably not keen to use words like ‘falling’ but the infection rate is falling.

One-day changes matter little but changes in the 7-day average tell you something more reliable. It has been dropping consistently, every day, from 2 323 new cases on the 7th, to 2 043 yesterday.

A similar trend has begun in England too with the 7 day average down from around 60 000 to 46 000 over the last two days but still more than twice as high per head of population as in Scotland.

Onward and downward!

21 thoughts on “Steady as we go: 7-day average falls for 6th day in a row

    1. I am not a big fan if The National, but, the BritNats in our part of Edinburgh hide it under the weekly rags on the lower shelf. So l guess it’s a great to their narrow bigoted British nationalist union. How bloody dare the BritNats attempt to deny people the chance to see a headline that counters BritNat media lies.

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      1. I’m a little circumspect on the National Hetty, but that they reported on this crucial aspect of testing at all, which is pivotal on how we survive this pandemic until vaccination takes over, is laudable.
        It touches on what Philippa Whitford said earlier on this, confidence in testing results is crucial governmentally, medically and for public confidence their sacrifices were worth it. #10 are busy chasing numbers not results, which coincidentally plays straight to the Gordosaur’s latest wheeze, now writhing on the floor.
        Bluntly, we don’t need political lies when lives are at stake.
        We need public information from the media to be honest, yet they seem incapable of moving beyond incontinent pigeons.

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  1. So refreshing to read a factual analysis of data instead of the MSM phrases loaded with “dramatic”, “concerning”, “alarming”,etc

    The actual situation and the trends should be reported based on facts and not in the current style of our Journodrama queens.

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  2. AH . . . . If the Britnats are trying to hide The Glorious National . . . .
    that implies it must be doing something right.

    Btw they try and hide it over hear on the West Coast, so nationwide the Britnats fear the paper.

    Whilst we are stinn in the UK we are lucky to be allowed to have The National.


  3. O/T Someone has just asked me if I’ve noticed the new terminology being used during Radio 4 news bulletins today. Apparently news readers have been referring to Scotland’s ‘assembly’ rather than ‘parliament’! Anyone else spot this?


  4. Or thanks to this?

    “Scientists have particular concerns that negative INNOVA results are too inaccurate to rule out covid. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) authorisation for INNOVA excludes using negative results to “enable activity” [2], and the Chief Medical Officer [3], World Health Organization [4], Royal College of Pathologists [5], SAGE [6], and others [7] have likewise advised caution. Mass testing could backfire and increase transmission if individuals receiving negative test results are falsely reassured that they cannot have covid infection, and consequently take risks and reduce preventative behaviours.”

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  5. Precisely Alex, worrying is too small an adjective… TERRIFYING would more appropriate because the scientific advisers will have been fully aware of it, thereby advised the Prime Charlatan & Co.. yet they proceed regardless.
    It’s Snake Oil for the masses in the midst of the worst public health disaster in recent UK history…

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  6. Scotland also was/is using lateral flow tests and for purpose for which they are not regulated, I believe. Just like the UK gov.



    This is information from NHSGGC recently updated so it seems current. These lateral flow tests are to be used by some non-specialist people. Data from England suggests the testing performance will decline when not done by experts.

    The lateral flow tests are also to be used in care homes.

    “There are now six studies that provide evidence of how well INNOVA identifies cases compared with the “gold standard” PCR test done at the same time. Three are in people with symptoms: the manufacturer detected 96% (95% confidence interval: 89% to 99%) of cases in patients hospitalised with pneumonia [13]; PHE reported two studies in test-and-trace centres: one used experienced research nurses and laboratory scientists and detected 77% (72% to 81%) of cases, the other used test-and-trace centre staff and detected 58% (52% to 63%) [11]. These results show test performance declining when not done by experts, as will happen in schools.

    But pupils tested in schools will not have symptoms: three studies in symptomless people show the test as performing worse. In Liverpool, only 40% (29% to 52%) [14] and in University of Birmingham students only 3% (1% to 16%) of cases were detected. [15] Testing during an outbreak in a naval barracks by PHE detected only 28% (16% to 43%) of cases [11]. Other lateral flow tests have also shown poorer performance in asymptomatics. [16] “

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