Hancock and England’s dash to be first in the Vaccination League will cost lives

After weeks in 3rd place, with only sad Wales below them, England has pushed past Scotland into 2nd place in the UK league for the percentage of its population vaccinated.

The Conservative Government, with their adolescent obsession to be ‘world-beating’ contaminates everything they do.

How have they overtaken Scotland?

It’s clear from comments yesterday.

In the Commons yesterday, replying to a question, Matt Hancock said that 24% of care home residents had been vaccinated. Sufficiently stupid or just callous, he didn’t think to conceal the figure.

On the same day in her media briefing, the First Minister announced that the figure for Scotland was 80%.

Also, in Parliament yesterday, Phillipa Whitford pointed out:

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation was very clear that those who live in care homes were the top priority for vaccination against covid-19.

The Conservative Government, blaming refrigeration problems with delivering the Mainz (Pfizer) vaccine in care homes has prioritised mass vaccination centres where those younger, fitter and thus less at risk, can be expected to stand and queue outside, to maximise throughput.

A price will inevitably be paid for this in deaths in care homes where, according to PHE, outbreaks doubled last week.

13 thoughts on “Hancock and England’s dash to be first in the Vaccination League will cost lives

  1. This will all go pear shaped very soon for them
    Calls to mind the parable of
    The tortoise and the Hare
    The very last lesson arrogance learns is Failure

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    1. I think Phillipa Whitford asked in parliament earlier this week who were the 300,000 people that had their second Pfizer jab. I think the PM today stated that 2. 4m people had been vaccinated including 400,000 that had had their second jab. As declared policy is that as many people as possible should get the first jab only meantime with priority to care homes and as the vaccination in English care homes is 24% approx compared to 80% approx in Scotland does anyone know who the people are ( approx 100,000/day) that are getting their second jab?

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  2. This is what happens when you get a government of Brexit purity whose sole focus is on political ideologically driven goals.
    On infecton rates Scotland is not behind the curve with respect to England but rather below it.

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  3. Agree with both the comments above. They, the Tories, are incapable of coherent thought, that’s if they ever cared for the very people they are supposed to be looking after in the first place, which I very much doubt.
    Absolutely no doubt in my mind that their shambolic mismanagement of the pandemic has led to many unnecessary deaths, and that their latest
    attempt to vaccinate their population, England, will end in abject failure.

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    1. In my business life i was responsibly for over 120 + employees
      And if my management team ran things as this Westminster does and continues unabated in doing so
      Then we would have been bankrupt and destitute pretty dam quickly
      But England seems to love it and will always vote for it
      When any me as to why i demand ( not want )
      My immediate reply always is
      I Refuse to be incompently Governed like this.
      To date i have NEVER had a response from any enquirer other than a dropped jaw and a bewildered look
      To which my response is. well my ears are open

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  4. Unfortunately many people will die directly as a result of this policy of chasing an improved ranking by these methods.

    They are of course confident that the MSM will never question the data.
    The propaganda wing already have their headlines written.

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  5. And what happens come April when the second dose falls due for those who have been vaccinated now with their 1st dose?

    The UK Gov want to vaccinate 2 million people per week. That is fine for the next 12 weeks but then the second jab falls due. That means 4 million people will need to be vaccinated each week thereafter – 2 million getting their first jab plus 2 million getting their second jab.

    Will the UK Gov:
    A. Ramp up the vaccinations to 4 million per week assuming sufficient supply
    B. Not give people their second jab
    C. Stop first time vaccinations while giving people their second dose
    D. None of the above – run out of vaccine.

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  6. “A price will inevitably be paid for this in deaths in care homes”
    – Probably, but it will never be reported, to become another anomaly over excess deaths as we saw previously.
    SG getting the licence from Pfizer to use smaller packs was a clever move and helped them address care homes and will help when visiting smaller communities, it is a time consuming exercise which sooner or later PHE will also have to solve.

    Let them Willy-Wave all they like, what matters is doing the job, and right now it’s a question of supply.

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  7. The Tories are prioritising the economy, get the workers vaccinated and pay lip service to the “joint” care homes strategy. The fact that they have started second vaccination also shows a clear deviation from “joint” policy – i’m truly saddened by the constant ineptitude of the UK Govt, the sooner we break free the better.


  8. DRossy Von Whistlebaum is on Repressing Scotland EVERY night whining about vaccination statistics to be published (but not infection or mortality rates).
    He was told Hancock would have a race and he hopes “England” will win the race—by vaccinationing the easy segment first.

    England First–the Scorrish (sic) Toady anthem.

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  9. Did the UK government throw a “protective ring” around English care homes? there are limitations to the research which the authors recognise and set out.


    “The government’s policies and measures to protect people living in care homes and support providers did not succeed in providing a “protective ring around care homes.” Its policies were good on paper but were often too late and were neither communicated nor implemented adequately. Those running care homes in our survey felt unsupported in the first wave, especially with respect to accessing funds, testing, PPE, workforce support and practical support (such as additional quarantine facilities outside the homes where needed). This paper also highlights the danger of relying only on policy announcements to assess the degree to which countries have worked on mitigating COVID in care homes.”

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  10. LTCcovid
    11 Jan
    Replying to
    Data on COVID-19 vaccinations in care homes for 8 countries + some regions/nations
    Glowing star Denmark, Israel & Spanish region (Asturias) completed 1st doses for all care home residents & staff
    Thumbs upOver 1/2 of care home residents given 1st dose in Catalonia (Spain), NI & Scotland (UK)

    11 Jan
    Replying to
    Rightwards arrowOver 1/4 care home residents in Croatia, Cyprus and Germany, and close to 15% in Italy and the USA have had 1st dose
    Rightwards arrowOf all vaccine doses given, the % for care homes ranges from 6% in Italy to 73% in Croatia.

    Worth keeping an eye on.



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