First Minister and Professor Leitch dump Gordon Brown’s ‘think tank’ droppings

Failed Chancellor Gordon Brown (69)

‘Research’ by failed Chancellor and failed Prime Minister, Gordon Brown’s ‘think tank’ drew an angry rebuttal from the First Minister and the National Clinical Director, Professor Leitch, yesterday.

It was good to see after too much polite passivity in the past. No doubt Leitch will be accused of various things by opposition politicians.

The Herald, of course, pounced on the story but there was less media attention than I feel sure Broon would have expected. Is he disappointing them?

A Scottish Government spokesperson was first to describe the report’s findings as ‘false‘ and insisted ‘We find – and therefore isolate – more contacts per case than the rest of the UK which means we isolate more potential cases without the need for testing.’

Leitch repeated the ‘false‘ before explaining to the eejits in Broons’s team: ‘We don’t test every contact because we want that disease out of circulation, we want it in homes, self-isolated. And that’s where we do very, very well.’

At the briefing, when asked about the report the First Minister who got an A in Research Methods, I’m told, said the methodology was clearly flawed because: ‘If you look at the methodology, you can see that it’s flawed, because it would imply that Northern Ireland in recent days has had a detection rate that’s greater than 100%, which is clearly not possible.

I’m strangely not up for dissecting these droppings myself. Maybe a reader is in the mood?

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Failed Prime Minister Gordon Brown (69)

11 thoughts on “First Minister and Professor Leitch dump Gordon Brown’s ‘think tank’ droppings

    1. Aye but his mind is much much older…that’s the problem with these people. They are behind the times, living in the past. they are selfish, narrow British nationalists, harping back to empire. What does Brown want, a seat in HOL’s? The other rogue A. Darling is still troughing from that public purse, or did he ‘resign’? What do these people want for their kids and grandkids, that’s the question I would like to ask them.

      Scotland doesn’t need people like that, Scotland’s on a life affirming, forward looking, outward looking internationalist path, and there’s no turning back.


  1. The report was all over GMS yesterday and was top story on Clyde 1 bulletins, so it did get broadcast. But I bet the rebuttals aren’t being mentioned today and will ordinary people have been paying attention? Probably not.

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    1. It had been released the previous afternoon and on Drivetime, John (Scotland is pure bad) Beattie gave it big licks, with a long and unchallenging interview with the “researcher”.

      Essentially, the assumption was that everyone should be tested, plus an assertion that less than half of the cases in the whole population are being detected. This is a variation on ‘the tip of the iceberg’. ‘Test, trace and isolate’ as operated is to follow up the proven cases and to seek to stop further transmission. It is an efficient and effective use of personnel resources, which are limited.

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  2. More to How N.I.conducts and reports its testing
    However Scotland,s Methodology appears to be very sound and fit for purpose,particularly so in being able to identify outbreaks,sources and clusters
    This is possible by the methods deployed which can be identified by the daily and running total of testing as follows
    1.Total no.of tests
    2.Total no.of single and Double tests of a individual.That is very important
    3.Total no.of positive results of those tested
    4.The % of tests taken that were positive
    I suspect that if a individual or organisation
    Formerly request testing then their request is properly analysed prior to being given
    By doing so your test regime is more focused
    And deployed in a manner more conducive to
    Identification of trends,infection sources and clusters etc.
    But with regards England they merely record
    No.of tests and No.of positive results
    And since the early days of the pandemic England has and still does consistently report
    On a daily basis approximately 35 % more testing/ 100 K of population than Scotland
    All i strongly suspect arising from the Political
    Pressure created by the promise of Boris to be world beating in this area
    It is not the No.of tests that is important it is how,who,why and where you test that is of prime importance in managing the disease
    In football terms their is no point in you scoring 20 goals if the oppositions scores 21
    You have lost and tis only the result that matters
    The discrepancy with regards Scottish and UK test reporting has always concerned myself
    But for certain i can state that England has adopted a scatter gun approach
    Whilst Scotland deploys a high velocity accurate snipers rifle
    It is impossible to ascertain accurately how such all trawls out in death nos./ 100k of population for each nation, but no doubt Scotland,s regime has played quite a significant factor in keeping our death rate
    Consistently lower than that of England
    Currently England 42.7 % higher than Scotland

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  3. Gordon Brown’s think tank is a headline generating feed machine to be quoted by the MSM which will feature on the BBC daily tall tales. The BBC is then quoted in Holyrood at FMQs.

    The constant circle that is Unionist propaganda. The lies are fed through the machine, rinse and repeat.

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  4. Oh,
    “Gord and Ali Darling, our darling, our darling,
    Gord and Ali Darling,
    The Brit Nit mejah say!

    T’was on a Monday morning,
    That Gordo came to stay,
    He ate a pie and told a lie,
    And then he ran away.

    Sung to the old waltz tune—
    “A gawkie boy dancing in the light of a full moon”!

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  5. I was very amused when the FM referred to the think tank as “Scotland’s Future, or whatever it’s called” as she could never remember it’s name! Naughty Nicola… 😀


  6. Last one left. No more candidates. Utter shambles. Left doesn’t know what the right is doing. Different policy north and south of the border. No opposition. Who wants the poison chalice. Not Labour. They campaigned to lose the last GE.


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