8 thoughts on “Scotland’s Future: A Roadmap to Scottish Independence by Christopher McEleny

  1. What is essential with any independence referendum is not so much the recognition of it’s validity by Westminster,important though that is,but acceptance by the international community that it truly represents the majority view of Scots.
    Should e.g. the EU accept the outcome,it would be very difficult for Westminster to deny it.
    Will the international community view Westminster or the people of Scotland as having the final say in Scotland’s independence?
    However,since England will continue to be a major trading partner for Scotland,it would be in everyone’s interests for Westminster to accept the result.

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    1. ” Should e.g. the EU accept the outcome …”

      This may be be of interest in this context.

      I listened to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Week in Westminster’ last Saturday. One of the journalists on the panel was Christopher Hope, chief political correspondent of The Telegraph.

      He was asked if Boris Johnson will have to agree to a Section 30 order when the SNP wins a mandate for an IndyRef2 at next year’s Holyrood election. His answer was ‘no he won’t’!

      Hope argues that Johnson will, through a game of brinkmanship, seek to force the FM’s hand in a way that leads to a Catalonia- type situation in Scotland. By implication, Hope appears to be suggesting this will be regarded by the Tories as an acceptable and more advantageous outcome for the defence of the Union.

      It’s about half way in: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000p0fq


      1. Metro Commentariat discussing “them” and “they” —us lot obviously.
        If they intend on ruling us without our consent, we must make it a hard task. I would hope the Supreme Court would consider the constitutional rights conferred on N Ireland and apply them on a UK-wide basis.
        Win the election and ask Bidon for advice on a peaceful resolution.
        Scotland is NOT Catalonia.
        The U.K. is not Spain. There is no constitutional bar to ending the Union: there are no State police, or equivalent. There is no crime of secession.
        Scotland is NOT Catalonia, and the U.K. is not Spain.
        If the polls suggest a majority ( of the electorate) then an advisory referendum could be held. A majority vote trumps abstention.
        Scotland is NOT Catalonia.
        Quit and hold an independence election.
        The U.K. is NOT Spain.
        With a majority at Holyrood, and a majority of Scottish MPs, simply declare independence, on the grounds of the internationally recognised “right of self-determination”.
        The comparison with Scotland and Catalonia is glib nonsense.

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      2. Difference being that Catalonia does not have nation status. Scotland does have nation status in the UK, at the moment. They really want to be able to beat a few independence supporters up don’t they, so as to frighten people away from demanding an indy ref at all. No doubt plans are affoot to fabricate a scenario where such an event is made possible.

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      3. StewartB . . . . Wouldn’t a refusal by Johnson after a good win for the SNP in a parliament with a majority for Independence get Scots backs up increasing the demand for independence.
        Where that plays into Wastemonsters constitutional chess game? . . . . It surely would be advantageous for our case.


    2. The EU would not take a position contrary to UK, and even if they did, they are in no position to enforce it. There is no international community any more than there is any international rescue; not for dying people and not for romantic Scots. There’s just the enforcer, and the enforcee, and if they don’t agree then only one side gets their way.


  2. So Chris is advocating Holyrood 2021 being another mandate for a referendum (but one without Westminster’s approval)?

    Why do we have to use Holyrood 2021 as yet another mandate for a Second Independence referendum?

    This extra step is unnecessary IMHO.

    I thought Chris had more fire in his belly than that!

    Personally I’d rewrite 2.2 to read:

    2.2 In the event that the UK Government do not agree to the above then Pro Independence Parties should unambiguously state that the Scottish General Election will be a Plebiscite on Scottish Independence – as sanctioned by the Scottish Parliament, which has been given popular legitimacy by the Scottish electorate via the mandate given in the 2016 Holyrood elections and the material change in circumstances of Scotland being removed from the EU despite voting 62% to remain.

    As such in the event of a Pro Independence Majority of MSPs being returned to the Scots Parliament in 2021 the incoming Scottish Government shall declare that the Union of 1707 is over and Scotland an Independent Nation once more – immediately beginning negotiations with the Westminster Government to determine equitably, an independently audited list of all assets accrued by the Kingdom of Scotland since 1707 as the Bipartite Partner Kingdom of the Unitary State of the UK and any liabilities owed (or credits due to Scotland).

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  3. Often the BBC interview politicians for the soul purpose of extracting a statement that can be thrown back at the party time and time again. At other times they hope to trick the person into revealing the thoughts of the cabinet, before a statement is made.

    Repeatedly pushing for debate “plan B” is akin to the actions of the Broadcaster. Extracting the thoughts of Nats. Into the ether.

    Are we supposed to believe the party set up to win Independence hasn’t worked out. It’s course of action, so we must air our thoughts in full view of those paid to defend the Union, as Mike Russell said recently we will have plans “A to Z ”

    As one of Scotland’s top Hat wearers liked to declare “It’s nonsense on stilts”


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