Philippa Whitford exposes UK Government’s disregard for JCVI advice on vaccinating care home residents

All talk and no action in May 2020 and today in 2021.

Today in response to a question by Philippa Whitford, Matt Hancock confirmed that only 24% of care home residents in England have been vaccinated. Also today, the First Minister indicated that 80% of care home residents and staff have now been vaccinated. Some councils, Inverclyde and North Ayrshire claim 100%.

Yesterday, in Parliament, Whitford explained in greater detail:

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation was very clear that those who live in care homes were the top priority for vaccination against covid-19. Due to integration of health and social care, Scottish health boards were able to deliver the Pfizer vaccine into care homes in December, and well over 70% of such residents have already been vaccinated across Scotland. In my own health board, the phase is almost complete. So can the Minister explain why in England care home residents were not the first cohort to receive the Pfizer vaccine in December, and as only a quarter have received their first dose, when does he expect all such residents to have been vaccinated?

People over 80 years are now being offered vaccination, but there are only 1,200 sites to cover the whole of England—a similar number to Scotland, which has less than 10% of the population. This means elderly people are being asked to travel long distances, despite their age and the fact that many will be also shielding. As the letter does not offer the option to wait and have their vaccine at a local GP surgery, does the Minister recognise that many are now feeling pressurised into travelling, despite the current dangers? So will he take this opportunity to clarify that the vaccines will gradually be made available through all GP surgeries and that elderly patients who cannot travel long distances will be offered a further opportunity closer to home?

The Minister will be well aware of the public concern about the decision to delay the second dose of each vaccine so as to ensure more people receive the first dose more quickly. With the current surge in covid cases, I totally understand the rationale for this approach. So can he explain why there have been more than 300,000 additional second doses given over the last week, despite the JCVI announcement on 31 December, and can he guarantee that sufficient quantities of the Pfizer vaccine will be available by the end of February to ensure those given their first dose in early December will receive their booster on time?

6 thoughts on “Philippa Whitford exposes UK Government’s disregard for JCVI advice on vaccinating care home residents

  1. You wont hear this news on Repressing Scotland.
    What we will get is DRossy Von Whistlebaum whining about who will be vaccinated in Scotland in three weeks time, by whom, and where.
    Some BEEB drone will drone on about Salmond/Sturgeon.
    Some other BEEB drone will drone on about some other perceived flaw without context, perspective or sense.

    Scotland for 30 minutes of apocalyptic gloom, will become the epicentre of global decline and failure, the collapse of civilization and the fate of the Queens Eleven.
    All because of Nicla!

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    1. They went with drugs deaths again….a scene from Trainspotter would have been their perfect image!

      Listening to the BBC today you would be convinced we had 5000 deaths yesterday! The significantly over 80,000 UK deaths of course was never mentioned

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  2. The idea that the Tories saw the old,sick,unemployed and anyone else who was “unproductive” as being expendable seems to be gaining credibility.
    Perhaps I am being overly cynical.

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  3. I predict with a very high degree of confidence EHNS will fail miserably in meeting targets as set by The Last Emperor of Scotland Boris the Great
    Just a over ambitious target blustered out
    And all when infections, ICU,Hospital admission & deaths numbers spiralling ever upwards in England
    All carefully ochetrstated by the State striking the many keys of their grand piano I.E. ABC (BBC) & all MSM to play the tune they want all to hear and avert your attention
    From the unfolding tragic reality
    All straight out of Dr.Goebbels playbook
    Along with the extremely fractured system of
    Command and control in England with over 160 separate health trusts
    Whereas here in Scotland a proper procure,distribute, vast vaccination centres
    All properly pre planned under firm command and control which in turn closely monitored
    And modified to eradicate potential errors expeditiously
    Hail Hail Hail The ongoing Emperor of England
    That indeed is as the song goes
    The Land of Plague and Death ( formerly of hope & glory)
    England has now managed to garner
    2747085 infections
    Roughly that leads to approx 250000. Cases of long covid of which approx. 60000 amongst the high value middle aged economic high end producers
    Such is the same in The USA which in turn has merely ensured China within 5 yrs overtakes America in economic and military terms and no chance whatsoever
    For UK & USA to ever catch up
    Note the massive investment deal signed jointly by EU & China which proves Brexit well and truly is a Donkey running in The Derby
    At least when we achieve Indy and EU membership then we can have a good old laugh
    As they cheer the old clapped out donkey
    But not with Union flags but one devoid of the Saltire


  4. Nadhim Zahawi claims “Scottish care homes tend to be much larger in profile than the 10,000 homes in England” as the excuse for why England has been so much slower than Scotland.

    Might be worth having a look at that claim with a critical eye John, if you can find the relevant data.


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