Made up, Scare story

You can tell when one of these non-research profs uses his title to pontificate. Never having so much as seen a research methods course, they’re content to use rumour and casual observation in place of the hard evidence the people deserve to see. BBC Scotland, of course, don’t care as long as they get an SNP-bad headline.


A shortage of NHS staff could prevent the opening of the NHS Louisa Jordan to Covid patients if capacity is exceeded elsewhere, a leading doctor has said. President of the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Prof Mike Griffin, said the increasing numbers off work was a “major problem”. The Scottish government has previously said that staffing plans were in place to deal with peak demand.

If capacity is exceeded? After six days of a falling infection level, down 30% on 7th January, with Covid bed occupancy at only 50% and ICU at only 18%, that’s just an ill-informed scare story.

Staff off work? At less than 2% compared to 5.8% in April and a quarter or less than that in England?

Try checking some facts ‘prof.’

6 thoughts on “Made up, Scare story

  1. Yup, and if ALIENS invade, as claimed by the Better Together skywatcher team (When caught knee-creeping with binoculars late one night), then we would have to REALLY start to worry (not)!

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  2. Would a member of Police Scotland (maybe the ‘AS Specials’ could supply one as they appear to be mob handed) be able to chap Prof Mike Griffins door and charge him with “causing reasonable people fear and alarm”?

    They might also determine that he has “caused reasonable people fear and alarm” either “intentionally” or by acting “recklessly”!

    Would such a charge result in professional misconduct as per the Royal College of Surgeons?

    38Threatening or abusive behaviour

    (1)A person (“A”) commits an offence if—

    (a)A behaves in a threatening or abusive manner,

    (b)the behaviour would be likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm, and

    (c)A intends by the behaviour to cause fear or alarm or is reckless as to whether the behaviour would cause fear or alarm.

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    1. He is certainly not helping and part of the problem, by promoting a narrative that is designed to cause fear in people where facts and the truth are imperative. People arned with the correct information are more likely to follow advice and have trust in their government. The aim of the BritNat state is to ensure that the people of Scotland are not adequately informed, and to demonise the FM at any opportunity. The BritNats don’t even care if people die as long as it means their own agenda succeeds, that is to diminish the SNPs’ actual successes.


  3. All round the Cabinet were mutterings of discontent, until up spoke one brave, but doomed, soul :-
    “Boris, get on yer bike, ya big muffin”!

    And LO, Boris got on his bike, but only made THINGS worse.

    Then the BBC were forced to reassure the public, every five minutes, that Boris broke no rules, as he is exempt from the rules of the commoner folk.

    And all was well, in the land of the Etonites.

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  4. He might well be a Professor and be speaking on behalf of a fancy-titled organisation, but, essentially, he is a ‘shop steward’ and is propagandising on behalf of his very well-paid members, a fair proportion of whom were privately educated. Many of them, probably ‘moonlight’ at Murrayfield private clinic.

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