Scotland fights its way out from under the bully’s shoulders

Typically Anglocentric, the Independent’s Anthony Cuthbertson writes as if devolution had never happened, to lump us in with England’s nightmare.

It’s not good but after 9 months of devolved power over the pandemic strategy, Scotland has saved thousands of lives that would have been lost if we had stuck with the 4 Nations or UK strategy, which all of the opposition parties favoured.

8 thoughts on “Scotland fights its way out from under the bully’s shoulders

  1. Watching Phillipa Whitford remotely asking Mat Hancock in parliament just now about the numbers vaccinated in English care homes. He confirmed 24%. When we return to P W for her follow up question low and behold the connection has been lost! I note from NS covid briefing yesterday that 70% of those in care homes have been vaccinated. Has England not been giving their vulnerable residents the priority they deserve?

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  2. It is increasingly clear that since early in December, the media and the British Nationalist politicians have decided that they will only present and comment on UK wide figures and convey the impression that this is uniformly the situation across the whole of the UK.

    The only exception is when they can dig out a datum which, presented out of context, implies Scotland is performing more poorly.


  3. Gordon Brown’s latest utterings re. poor performance from Scotland in track and trace debunked by Jason Leitch at the Covid update broadcast today.
    When are people going to realise that Broon is always economical with the truth.
    Even when he was Chancer of the Piggy Bank he would announce to great fanfare new benefits to people coming their way,only to discover in the small print later that he was actually taking stuff away at the same time.
    Not one of Scotland’s finest.

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    1. Absolutely, when he was ‘chancer of the piggy bank’, (ha ha!) he was a dab hand at giving with one hand and taking away with the other. ‘New deal’, they removed child benefit from other benefits even though CB was not earnings and not taxable etc. Bloody disgrace effectively removing CB from the poorest.
      When he was the chancellor, Disability Living allowance, was 1/3 underclaimed at least, I heard that their actual policy was to er, not inform people of their eligibilty at all. Detrimental to families with children who needed extra support due to autism and learning disabilities and unforgiveable.


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