This is not London but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was

From BBC Scotland this morning:

The latest figures show the lowest number of daily cases since December BUT hospital numbers are higher than they’ve been at any point in the pandemic.

Then the same information is then just repeated BUT it’s not explained. The reporter tells us that infections have fallen ‘slightly’. From the 7th to the 11th, it fell by 867 and in now 33% lower. If it had gone up 867, that would be ‘NEARLY A THOUSAND!’

The BBC has a royal charter obliging it to inform but it doesn’t.

There’s a reason why the hospital admissions are high even though the infection numbers are falling. It’s not the simple balancing out of good news with bad news to keep you from thinking the Scottish Government measures are working.

You know.

The infections level peaked on the 31st of December and stayed high until the 7th January, before falling for the last 5 days. There’s a lag before hospital admissions rise:

New admissions began to climb around the 4th January, 4 or 5 days after the infection peak and can be expected to plateau soon. We’ve seen this pattern before. It is predictable. Things are not out of control.

Most importantly missing from the BBC reporting, as always – capacity.

Even as it peaks, only around 1 500 out of 3 000 Covid beds are occupied, 50%. Only 126 out of 700+ ICU beds are occupied -18%.

This is not London but BBC Scotland prefer not to inform you of these facts and risk have you thinking the Scottish Government is doing so much better than the utterly incompetent Johnson regime.

One thought on “This is not London but you’d be forgiven for thinking it was

  1. “Yer crap an’ yer a’ doomed, new expert report has stated”.
    “And here is Gordo Broon to prove it, with stats he found in a Lucky Bag outside the Hi Jack Bunker”!

    “Gordo, what are you saying this report reports”.
    “Hee hee, if you dont do exactly as I say, and give me my Knighthood, tee hee, then the WORST things will happen.”
    “Gordo, we at the BEEB all think you are wonderful and cannot understand how that dreadful Gorgio Ffoulksakia got a Peerage, and you never did”.
    “I’ll get my revenge, oh yes, all the Little People will be trampled underfoot, hee hee. and the World will be mine, MINE I tell you, MINE, MINE, MINE”!
    “There, there Gordo. That’s Shir Shere Khan Starmer at the studio, to take you away to safety”.
    “Go and have a wee lie down, and everything will be fine”.

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