It’s TRUE! A wee lassie told me!

From BBC Reporting Scotland this morning:

‘PPE for NHS staff isn’t sufficient to stem the spread of coronavirus in hospitals with the new Covid variant!’

Wow! That’s disturbing news. Who is it from?

A research group at Edinburgh University? No?

The Scottish Government’s advisory group? No?

A professor of virology? No?

An infectious diseases consultant? No?

A hospital infection control officer? No?

Any consultant? No?

Any doctor? No?

A covid nurse? No?

Any old nurse? Yes, but she wanted to stay anonymous.


‘That’s what a nurse working in a non-Covid ward has told BBC Scotland.’

Did the nurse share her concerns with colleagues, with infection control folk in the hospital? Why did she come straight to BBC Scotland? More family connections? Sent there by an opposition politician who should be trying to do something practical about the problem if there is one?

7 thoughts on “It’s TRUE! A wee lassie told me!

  1. A fair amount of the news programmes are spent asking listeners to tweet or text and then these are read out. There is no attempt to ‘interrogate’ the assertions being made. And the we get the a teacher, nurse, care worker, shop assistant, etc ‘who wishes to remain anonymous ‘ told us ….. This news service from the broadcasters and press in Scotland is dire.

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  2. “Yesterday upon the stair,
    the BEEB met a nurse who wisnae there.
    She wisnae there again today,
    But they’ll repeat her Bullsh!t anyway”!

    The BBC Scotland drinking song:-

    “I told a lie last night,
    and a lie the night before,
    And if I tell a lie tonight,
    I’ll be lying forever more”!

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