Yet as admissions increase hospital-acquired Covid level is far lower than in England and lower than in November

Returning to Reporting Scotland’s one anonymous woman’s campaign to make sure you’re not thinking things are better here, it’s worth looking at her claims that: ‘some patients were now contracting coronavirus in hospital‘ and later ‘last year they were fine but with this new strain they are just not practical.

Well, of course they are. They have been since the beginning of the outbreak. Face masks were never expected to stop the aerosols carrying the virus. Some hospital-acquired infection is inevitable. See this:

Figure 1 is an epidemic curve of COVID-19 cases with first positive specimen taken during an inpatient stay. The length of the bars are the counts of COVID-19 cases during each week, from week ending 1 March to week ending 13 December 2020, with the bars broken down by hospital onset status: non-hospital onset (day 1 or 2 of in-patient stay), indeterminate hospital onset, probable hospital onset and definite hospital onset. The chart shows a steep increase in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases until a peak on week ending 5 April. This is followed by a decline in overall cases and definite hospital onset cases since this peak; few cases were observed during July and August. An increase has been observed in overall and definite hospital onset cases since week ending 30 August.

Two things.

One, if the new strain is making the same masks not practical, why have hospital acquired infections flatlined at around 2% of all cases though overall admissions have almost doubled?

Two, for context, hospital acquired infections in English hospitals are running at between 18% and 25%!

The Ongoing Problem of UK Hospital Acquired Infections

It’s not just shoddy journalism. It’s far worse than that.

6 thoughts on “Yet as admissions increase hospital-acquired Covid level is far lower than in England and lower than in November

  1. …and they still cannot figure out why sales are falling. They should be more concerned that the dark money that is keeping them afloat will stop after a Referendum.

    When you betray your market they don’t come back.


    1. I actually don’t think they bother too much about their falling sales Julia. As you correctly say, the dark money will keep them afloat as they pursue their only agenda, and that is to keep the Scottish people under the heel of Westminster.


  2. “Shoddy journalism” on the BBC that operates in Scotland?
    It isnt journalism at all.
    And it isnt “shoddy”, which implies a drop in previously existing standards. It is deliberate news management from a British State operator..

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  3. I really am at a loss why Sturgeon in her daily briefings does not address this tripe which for some of the gullible will lead them to making uninformed choices and decisions.

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    1. When I saw extracts from this blurred “nurse” I have to say I laughed in incredulity that ABC would think that anyone would take the report seriously. But you’re right – they will always take the opportunity to mislead the vulnerable.


  4. The Unionist propaganda broadcaster based at Pacific Quay is struggling to find ”Scotland Baaad ” stories .
    I have it on good faith from a ‘reputable journo’ at The Herald/Beano that as a result they have commissioned Monica Lennon to find lots of ”wee lassie” stories to fill their columns .
    In the interim they have signed a compact with The Daily Wail to publish the Fake News that Trump won the US election but was robbed by that SNPEEE /Sturgeon /Biden alliance ” – which everyone knows !
    Next up – that SNPEEE/Sturgeon/ EU alliance which is deliberately causing delays at Dover to halt the flow of our ”Oxford Vaccine ” which is the only one that patriotic English Nationalists will accept .

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