LATEST: Has the UK Government failed care homes residents again?

Opinion | Boris Johnson vs. the Coronavirus - The New York Times
Pool photo by Julian Simmonds

This is a fast emerging story.

We’ve had Boris Johnson claiming proudly that 23% of the elderly residents of care homes have been vaccinated.

Two days ago, the Daily Mail claimed that it was only 10% and that outbreaks in care homes have doubled over the New Year period, according to Public Health England.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Health Secretary claimed this morning that 70% of people in care homes have been vaccinated.

As soon as I posted that news, readers of this blog responded saying North Ayrshire Council had by today vaccinated 100% and then another claiming the same for Inverclyde Council. There’s evidence for the latter at:

Readers will remember in the first wave, Inverclyde’s trauma:

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 20.

4 thoughts on “LATEST: Has the UK Government failed care homes residents again?”

  1. The Boris Broadcasting Corp will find a way to deflect and spin.
    Boris on on BBC 24 ten times a day.
    Says his bit and leaves—no questions, no backpack.

    The Bosses at the BEEB are now all Tories or Ulster Unionists.


  2. The 23% is the likely UK figure boosted by the 70% number for Scotland plusN/Ireland and Wales. therefore the English figure is probably less than 15%.


  3. It’s simple enough, the disaster Gove and Co have been covering up for months on end has finally climaxed and people are screaming loud enough “Help, we trust you” north of the border and “oh shit” southward


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