UPDATE: Scotland vaccinates the most vulnerable at MORE THAN THREE TIMES the rate in England

Health Secretary Freeman

From the Scottish Health Secretary on Good Mourning Scotland today:

Ms Freeman told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland programme: “We intend that by the end of this month, the very beginning of February, we will have vaccinated all residents in care homes and staff, all front-line health and social care workers and all those aged 80 or over. So that’s just under 560,000. We’ve already vaccinated about 70% of people in care homes and about half of the health and social care workforce.


From the PM on Sky News today:

We’ve done about 23% of the elderly residents of care homes.


This suggests a very divergent strategy. We’ll see the tragic evidence in the statistics over the next month.

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Scotland vaccinates the most vulnerable at MORE THAN THREE TIMES the rate in England

  1. Boris has other priorities. Vax the Oligarchs and Brexiteers first.

    See Deform UK has its first recruit.
    Michelle Ballantyne is now a Faragistani Granny.
    Dumb and Dumber leaves the big screen, and becomes Fantasy Island!

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    1. Farrage applied for a German passport in 2016 ( the day after the referendum result) and although their was a police investigation into his details, he has refused on several occasions to deny he had one.

      Two of his children have German passports as his wife was German.

      Doubt if Michelle will apply for a Scottish one.
      She would have no problem with the prohibition on smiling.

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