SHOCK: Scotland has vaccinated more than twice as many in care homes!

Boris Johnson during a visit to a mass vaccination centre in Bristol
(c) Sky

Today on Sky News, the PM said:

We’ve done about 23% of the elderly residents of care homes.

This comes as a serious shock when BBC Scotland was able to announce 4 days ago:

Well over half of care home residents vaccinated.

These figures suggest that NHS Scotland has vaccinated more than twice as many of the most vulnerable group, the group which suffered the most deaths in the first wave.

Once more, the PM’s suggestion in April, that NHS Scotland had issues of resilience, has come home to bite him in his prodigious bahookie.

Similarly, the suggestion that Scotland is ‘behind the curve’ on vaccine delivery generally, headlined by the Daily Mail and the Herald, is revealed as stupid.

10 thoughts on “SHOCK: Scotland has vaccinated more than twice as many in care homes!

  1. All I’ll say is that those with an interest might find practical guidance from “Outlining the Case for a Common Law Duty of
    Care of Business to Exercise Human Rights Due


  2. DRossy Von Whistlebaum seems desperate for comparative vax stats on Repressing Scotland. The BEEB has done is damnest to PREVENT UK comparisons. Maybe he thinks the fix is in!

    And maybe he is right. A Jack-an-ory Tory Story.

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  3. If you had the misfortune to listen to ‘Drivetime’ on Radio Scotland, you would have got the impression that no-one in Scotland had been vaccinated nor was likely tobe vaccinated in the near future. All of this was based on a n interview with a single GP, who was never challenged on her assertions.

    I used to think Kaye Adams was biased, but she is a model of impartiality compared to John “(Why are state schools so bad?”) Beattie.

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  4. I don’t know if this is an example of propaganda spreading or just someone who’s genuinely upset about the vax programme, but in the Guardian a contributor called 164245420 is saying this:

    “Never mentioned but Primary Care are facing similar problems. Staff illness, stricter criteria for face to face and now doors only open to people with an invitation. And of course GPs and their staff are also expected to take on the bulk of the Covid vaccinations without any acknowledgement of the pressures they are under and that routine work needs to be delayed.
    To put the tin lid on it Scottish vaccinators are told they don’t need to be vaccinated . No wonder there’s such a shortage of GPs who would take on a job when you are treated with such contempt.”

    Yesterday (s)he said
    “I wonder how many hours , and how much time all 4 CMOs intend to contribute to the vaccination drive ? The Scottish CMO says vaccinators don’t need to be vaccinated. Huge numbers of people either wearing no mask or half wearing it but no vaccine for primary care staff.

    Dozens of GPs have died from Covid but the CMOs dont care.”

    I did ask for a source for this, as I’d only heard him saying that primary care staff would be in the first batch, as per JCVI priority. I didn’t get a reply, but it was late at night, so comments probably closed. They’ve said the same thing today on another thread.

    This person doesn’t seem to have had anything good to say about ScotGov since at least last November. As it nearly always concerns “frontline workers” or schools, and how we all worship the FM, I’m assuming it’s a Unionist?

    They certainly manage to drag criticism of Scotland into a far larger number of BTLs than appear below Scotland-related articles. I shall follow their comments with interest…


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