Sturgeon to make no comment on issues with resilience of NHS England

As patients were recently transferred over the border into a Dumfries hospital due to resilience issues in NHS England, the First Minister did not comment, though the PM had tried to pretend there were would be some issues of resilience in NHS Scotland back in March.

Today we hear from the BBC in England:

The number of hours ambulances spent waiting to offload patients in parts of England is “off the scale”, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine says. Data leaked to BBC News shows ambulance waiting times at hospitals in the South East rose by 36% in December compared to the same month in 2019. People are also having to wait longer for ambulances to arrive when called. A paramedic working in London told BBC News he had encountered patients left waiting up to 12 hours for an ambulance in the last week.

Readers will remember that Scotland’s ‘trusted‘ Herald ‘newspaper’ did get wind of 10 ambulances being redirected from one Glasgow hospital to another, one very cold morning , and tried to dramatize the story with the image of them ‘turned away‘:

The Herald’s ‘You’ll just feel a wee prick‘ correspondent, Alan Simpson, is now following-up these stories, working with the GMB porter’s section and Monica Lennon in another investigation by your trusted news provider to help us combat the virus:

Evidence-free journalism at its worst.

2 thoughts on “Sturgeon to make no comment on issues with resilience of NHS England

  1. This article reminds me of what Scott linked on your previous article
    in which Rachel Clarke explained the shortage of available ambulances was due to being stuck at hospital unable to release the patient.
    She also went on to note police delivering patients, etc., while Nadhim Zahawi looked on dispassionately.
    What struck me afterward was the Excel Centre launched to much fanfare in the Spring, had bulk oxygen storage and distribution and had been kitted out to cater for precisely such an outbreak, yet it seems to have vanished from view and none in the media question it.
    I know the Louisa Jordan is currently being part used and kept on standby for any Covid outbreak, yet those who were frantic over “the waste of public money…” on the LJ are equally silent over Excel ?

    As to the Herald continuing their anything anti-SG diatribe or diverting attention from the disaster in London, their claimed pursuit of honest journalism is patently AWOL.

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