Sturgeon to make no comment on ‘issues’ with England’s NHS

Readers will remember the PM’s comments in March 2020:

And of course, his comments yesterday on the US vaccine manufactured in the EU:

He is not expected to comment on this story hidden away in the Independent yesterday:

Coronavirus patients needing urgent medical treatment in northern England are being sent to Scotland as an increasing number of hospitals now face being overwhelmed. Patients in Cumbria who would normally be taken to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle have instead been dispatched across the border to Dumfries, The Independent has learnt. The move came after the hospital triggered the highest Opel (operational pressures escalation level) alert, essentially an admission of being “unable to deliver comprehensive care”.

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10 thoughts on “Sturgeon to make no comment on ‘issues’ with England’s NHS

  1. A quote in the period of the American Revolution
    “Unfortunately Americans still have the habit of taking English Newspapers”

    Every country that tried to gain Independence has encountered the same stories from the London controlled Media. Read the London newspapers for the period of the American Revolution and you will find the “evidence” that America could not survive without the Kings generosity.

    The media are not neutral….never assume that they are.

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  2. It says a lot about the political culture in the UK, and in particular that of the Westminster government and its BritNat/Unionist allies that Scotland’s healthcare system remains the frequent target of their denigration for political ends, even during this pandemic emergency. For perspective, they and we should reflect on this.

    During the pandemic in 2020 the Independent newspaper carried these headlines on different occasions:

    1) “Coronavirus: German hospitals offering ICU beds to patients in overstretched France: ’We will naturally try to help our French neighbours,’ says spokesman for Baden-Württemberg’s health ministry’.

    2) ‘Solidarity knows no borders’: Germany treating dozens of coronavirus patients from Italy and France

    In the English language version of the German news website DW in 2020 we learned this. Brigitte Klinkert, head of local government for the Haut-Rhin administrative district in France, requested help from others when her area’s medical facilities were at breaking point due to the pandemic.

    She says: “To be honest, when I sent out those mails, I did wonder: ‘Will I get an answer?’ It was an extremely pleasant surprise when offers poured in,” Klinkert admits. “Of course we work very closely together and are great friends with many connections, but this was an incredible demonstration of cross-border cooperation — of European solidarity. In more normal times, our regions are completely interconnected. It’s really emotional for us to see this chain of solidarity with Germany, Switzerland and the rest of France.”

    I fear that such a request from a local authority or hospital in the Scottish Borders to English neighbours might be reported (exploited) by Unionists and their supporting media in quite a different way. As experience shows, it might well be framed as demonstrating inherent failure of government in Holyrood and evidence of Scotland’s dependency on the ‘precious Union’.

    Of course the evidence of mutual support evidenced above again gives the lie to Unionists like Ian Murray MP. Contrary to what is often implied, ‘chains of solidarity’ can and do exist between organisations, communities and individuals across nation-state boundaries!

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  3. Can you imagine if Scotland was having to ‘dispatch’ patients to England because Scottish NHS hospitals were at capacity? The whole world would know and there would be calls for J.Freeman and N.Sturgeon to resign, wall to wall for weeks. I wondered how long it would take for England to have to send seriously ill COVID patients to Scotland.

    Having read about some countries unable to manage the high infection rates, when they do put the call out, others come to their aid. England relies on Scotland, and England in fact has no mates otherwise to call on. It’s bloody tragic, they should be on their knees to the ScotGov for taking up the call. They don’t have to do they?
    The mega rich drivers of Brexit are leaving the sinking ship, their businesses are being taken out of the UK, the people of England were so scammed, are they going to sit and take it? Looks like it instead they stand outside of St.Thomas’s hospital shouting ‘hoax’ at the staff saving lives of those who are in ICU due to a real and deadly
    virus, the ‘protesters’ should be locked up.

    Scotland get the hell out of the cesspit ‘UK’, before it’s too late.

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    1. Please do remember D&G have nowhere near the capacity of Cumbria, but unlike local D&G politicians, borders are not issues, patient care is.
      It is not something I expect to feature on Alister Jackschitt sorry. Borders TV, but frankly nobody cares what that wet lettuce says and never have.
      Folks outside the political bubble help out, and the same will be true post independence, blue passports or not.
      As to the rest of your post, yup, it’s a pretty sick reality for some…

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  4. I’d expect NHS Scotland to help their English colleagues in an emergency (cross-border treatment is relatively common), but it raises the question: are these English patients counted in the Scottish stats or the English stats for hospital and ICU patients, or both or neither? Ideally they should be a separate category so that NHSS and NHSE stats are not distorted.

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  5. Tonight’s ITV news mentioned Carlisle hospital being full and Covid patients being transferred “elsewhere” but failed to mention where. Had Dumfries hospital transferred patients south of the border the Scottish media would have gleefully headlined this. And Dross would have been overjoyed.

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  6. The ConDem/Tories cut the NHS funding £20Billion from 2015 to 2020. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts increased funding. £2.5Billion to £12.5Billion a year.

    Every country has a vaccine developed worldwide.

    The Tories were warned of a pandemic but cut funding to concentrate on Brexit. Another Tory mess.

    The Tories will be voted out. Johnston will lose his seat.


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