redirected to another hospital only two miles away in the same city?

AMBULANCES were turned away by a major Scots hospital today amid rising Covid cases and injuries in the icy weather.  Several emergency calls were redirected from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital as it struggled to cope with a sudden influx of patients this morning. 

Were they redirected from the incident location or did they turn up at the QEUH A&E department to be ‘turned away?’ They have radios. Does anyone really think they turned up to be turned away?

How many calls were redirected? Ten. What percentage of calls is that? Too small to report?

What is the source of the story? We are not told. Was it a GMB janny who knows Monica Lennon? Yes, she tweeted and at the bottom of the story an NHS GGC spokesman said :

So, no story at all really just a clickbait scare that might put the elderly off calling for an ambulance. Well done.

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4 thoughts on “redirected to another hospital only two miles away in the same city?

  1. The degree of organised, coordinated propaganda being projected by our media, (I say “our” reluctantly), is now becoming abusive.

    They knowingly twist facts in order to promote a distorted vision of Scotland for political reasons. However I am confident that it WILL backfire.

    They have made it clear what we can expect daily from them going forward. Their methods will make it harder to mislead in the future.

    Sadly the theme has moved on little from the base Unionist chant that Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid to be a Nation.

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    1. Agreed, but, the public have become acutely aware of the unrelenting distortions, many of which have been exposed here and elsewhere then passed along the line… The gullible masses on which they once preyed are no more.
      They now speak to a highly sceptical public and much more informed audience. eg, their incontinent pigeon farce succeeded only in further sinking media credibility, there was zero public outrage, no marches, no campaigns, zilch.
      Everything they’ve tried to float since has been met with bucket-loads of salt, the media have become victims of their own excess.
      This is their dilemma now in Scotland, no matter how organised or coordinated their propaganda remains, without a receptive audience they are talking to the void…


  2. It, the lies and distortions are certainly reaching up to the rafters and could blow the roof off the noise is so loud. Never before in the media had so much s**t been spread about by so few.


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