Do GPs do jags?

According to the Herald:

THE rollout of Covid vaccines to the over-80s could be stalled as thousands of GPs and primary care staff have yet to receive any inoculation. There are warnings that unvaccinated doctors do not feel safe to start bringing hundreds of elderly patients into GP practices from next week.

The ‘warnings’ come from Andy Mcintosh who runs an online forum GP Survival Scotland. They are only a Facebook page with an empty ‘About us’ section and less than 4 000 followers who may be doctors across the UK. There are around than 60 000 GPs in the UK. The group’s presence in Scotland is not known.

Is the warning based only on reports form NHS England?

I cannot remember the last time a GP gave me jag. I’ve had the flu jag for years now and a nurse always did it. I’ve had blood taken several times and even during this pandemic. It has not even been a nurse but a very young ‘nursing assistant.’

Friends I speak to tell the same story about other GP practices.

I haven’t met a GP in person since 2019. Those same friends have had the same non-experience.

My 90 year-old mum is only ever visited by a nurse and gets jags for more than one thing, from only a nurse. She hasn’t seen a GP for years.

11 thoughts on “Do GPs do jags?

  1. GPs can jag. All doctors can.

    But there are lots they can do that nurses or nursing assistants can’t do. So they usually do jags as it’s a more efficient use of resources.

    But to the substantive concern reported in the herald. When a GP practice takes delivery of vaccine why wouldn’t they be able to start with their own healthcare team before they head onto their patients?

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  2. Here’s a link to an article about deaths in a care home in England. I was really struck by the factual reporting – it would be interesting to compare this to a Scottish article on care home deaths, possibly word by word, to identify if and how the Scottish press are politicising reports. Sometimes I feel as if I’m just paranoid, seeing slights where none exist but then I remember your book on the BBC in 2014 John. Thankfully so many of us have learned to question what we read, just wish the Scottish media would cotton on to this


  3. GP Survival Scotland
    Scottish arm of GP Survival (@cgps_gp). We exist to promote and defend the interests of grassroots GPs in Scotland Providing a voice for all GPs scotland wide. November 2020
    27 Following

    Anti SNP ranter.

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  4. It’s the same pattern for most Scottish media, deploy an article which implies failure to plan by SG or SNHS…
    With their goto SiU sources compromised through over-exposure, the poison-Pennington method is no longer viable, hence casting around for new attributable sources on which to found the usual negativity…
    As @sam has exampled above, this particular source is highly suspect, the second tweet amply demonstrating the point, that a vaccination can simply be booked by a doctor.
    Recipients have been prioritised in a list drawn up under JCVI guidelines, to suggest a doctor or Health Board can divert from that pri-list for such a scarce resource at this time is not only ludicrous, but completely unprofessional.

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  5. At our GP practice, the annual flu jabs are (in normal times) given by a row of about 8 GP’s who work in the practice. It’s organised with military precision.

    As you may have heard – a few days ago, the practice nurse in Currie (Edinburgh) started doing the Astrazeneca jabs for the over-80’s. She had been trained on how to do that, which is more straightforward than with Pfizer. Prior to that, she had the Pfizer vaccine herself, and was giving the Pfizer vaccine to care home residents – again after appropriate training.

    It’s not clear whether the Currie GP’s are involved.


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