Israel vaccinates 11 times as many as England despite no manufacturing capacity or advantages of ‘UK effort’

According to the Herald:

BORIS Johnson launched a stinging attack on Nicola Sturgeon’s Government, saying if it was up to the SNP there would not have been a single Covid-19 vaccine in Scotland. The Prime Minister is believed to have told a private virtual meeting of the 1922 Tory backbench committee that the mass roll-out of the vaccine programme was a “UK effort “ and down to the strength of the Union. It is thought his criticism of the SNP is a reference to what might have happened if Scotland were independent.

So by ‘UK effort‘, does he mean the British-Swedish multinational AstraZeneca, led in Cambridge by French chief executive Pascal Soriot and reliant on European plants for manufacture?

Does he mean the American multinational Pfizer‘s vaccine developed in Germany by two Turkish-Germans and manufactured in Belgium?

What does he think of Israel vaccinating 11.3 times more of its population (15.83%) than England (1.4%) despite no local manufacture? They simply flew it in from the Pfizer hub in Belgium.

Could an independent Scotland have done the same? It’s a shorter flight.

What a great pillock he is.

If he and the 1922 group had heard of the Israeli success what do you bet they’d have an anti-Semitic explantion?

UPDATE: Does he mean the AstraZeneca vaccine seeking a boost from the Russian Sputnik vaccine?

13 thoughts on “Israel vaccinates 11 times as many as England despite no manufacturing capacity or advantages of ‘UK effort’

  1. I am genuinely shocked by the Israeli data….also very impressed by it.
    So much for the Boris bluster.

    BBC presently trying to spin a downside….experts warning it will take some time to get on top of the infection.

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  2. MSM continue to punt “OXFORD” when disseminating Boris’s BritNat Propaganda.

    They are silent however on the Russian Connection via Russia’s Gamaleya Institute:

    “AstraZeneca hitches ride with Russia’s Sputnik in vaccine race.”

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  3. This from Iceland is revealing:


    “Iceland and other EFTA countries are guaranteed the same access to vaccines as member states of the European Union. The European Commission has signed contracts with six vaccine manufacturers, including AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna. The Commission negotiates the number of doses it receives from each manufacturer and they are divided among countries proportionally. Each individual country also makes contracts with vaccine manufacturers and EFTA member states such as Iceland do so through Sweden.”

    And from the same source, from August 2020: “Through its collaboration with WHO, GAVI. (‘The Vaccine Alliance’), and CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations’), Iceland has already donated half a billion krónur [$3.63 million; €3.05 million] to vaccine development and distribution to developing nations.”

    Iceland has a population of c. 342,000 – so here we have a very small independent country that is well connected, engaged and showing solidarity internationally alongside its domestic, national interests and commitments. Unique, no; just normal, yes!

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    1. Was told above link didn’t work

      Following came up on a search

      Covid patients in England transferred to Scotland as more …
      8 hours ago · Covid patients in England transferred to Scotland as more hospitals become overwhelmed. Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle triggers alert saying it is now ‘unable to deliver comprehensive care’

      clicking on link the independent web page is blank . . .


  4. And this perspective from the far side of Europe, not smudged by Govid, not modified by #10’s spin factory, nor with respect to electability of any particular party…
    Now with a population close to 20M can someone please explain to a layman how a “backward” country (such as BN wish to portray Romania) have case numbers 80% of the sunny uplands, and 75% of the dead?
    Will the adults politicians and journalists please stop treating the people of the UQ to some obscure political game and smell their own bullshit since everyone else can ?
    As with HMS Sarah Smith, “Hark The Herald Dangers Ring” isn’t just for Christmas, but their mendacious behaviour has already cost lives and consigned many in Scotland to a life in torment for no other reason than foreign politics.
    A reckoning is coming…

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  5. Also worth remembering that during the first lockdown English companies were instructed not to supply care homes in Scotland with PPE. The SG then went ahead and ordered stuff from China and at the same time set up supply lines for PPE with companies in Scotland which they did successfully. Therefore the idea that Scotland could not source the vaccine for itself is risible. In fact, given the strength of the Life Sciences sector in Scotland we might even be one of the countries developing a vaccine.

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  6. O/T

    Interesting tweet this evening from journalist and P&J columnist @campbellgunn1:

    “Biden’s National Security Adviser on Europe likely to be Amanda Sloat who was an adviser to Holyrood’s European Committee, has a doctorate from Edinburgh University and has written a book “Scotland in Europe”. Good news!”

    Not sure how ‘good’ in practice but having someone who has an appreciation of Scotland’s status and this in the context of the EU within the White House should be better than not having such insight there.

    About Ms Sloat:

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  7. I thought this piece was interesting.
    Netanyahu re-election hopes hinge on vaccination campaign
    For media-obsessed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the coronavirus vaccine has arrived just in time

    Boris has no such imperative to encourage him to put in the effort.


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