Covid-19: Teeside Patients ‘want to wait for less-effective English vaccine’

Fascists, Neo-Nazis And The British Unionist Minority In Ireland – AN  SIONNACH FIONN
Teeside protest against foreign vaccines

According to a report by BBC Teeside:

Dr Paul Williams, former Labour MP for Stockton South, which said: “Some local patients have turned down an offer this weekend of getting a Covid vaccine when they found out it was the Pfizer one. ‘I’ll wait for the English one’.” Dr Williams was a GP and continued to see patients while he was an MP. After being voted out in 2019 he has worked at North Tees Hospital.

The BBC has now offered this evidence that the American multinational Pfizer‘s vaccine developed in Germany by two Turkish-Germans and manufactured in Belgium, is more effective than the one from British-Swedish multinational AstraZeneca, led in Cambridge by French chief executive Pascal Soriot and reliant on European plants for manufacture:

Fascists, Neo-Nazis And The British Unionist Minority In Ireland – AN  SIONNACH FIONN

9 thoughts on “Covid-19: Teeside Patients ‘want to wait for less-effective English vaccine’

  1. An “English nationalist” vaccine? Boris will be pleased.
    No comment from DRossy? Or Hi Jack?

    Their choice. I hope they re-direct the “German/Turkish/American” vaccine my way.

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    1. The response of those few asking for the ‘British’ vaccine, is, of course, due to the jingoism of the PM and the UK media. Since word first emerged that a vaccine was being developed in Oxford, the PM and the media have waved the Union flag and trumpeted British exceptionalism. This was going to be a FIRST! It was going to be the BEST. And, despite the nomenclature convention of ‘Pfizer’, ‘AstraZeneca’, etc, the British Nationalist media always append ‘Oxford’ to AstraZeneca. “This is not just ANY AstraZeneca Vaccine, this is an ‘OXFORD’AstraZeneca vaccine!” I do not wish to attach any of this scorn on the vaccine itself or the excellent Oxford team who developed the vaccine and urged that it be made globally available, especially to third world countries.

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      1. Noticed Britnat scribbler in the Torygraf, Alan Cochrane, was questioning why Nikla wasn’t using the “proper name” for the vaccine.
        I am not behind the pay wall, so must surmise this colonialist Ultra wanted it referred to as the “English ” vaccine? or something along these lines.
        Britain waves the rules on Protected Geographical Indication.

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  2. Give them a placebo see how that works for them. Their racist driven British nationalism is bad enough, but also cringeworthy in the extreme in this case. With mass unemployment due to Brexit, they will no doubt recruit a few more village idiots.

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  3. 😢😢 The World shaped by Boris and Trump. A World based on a sea of red baseball hats is the best future we can offer?. Building Walls and wave making machines. A World in which hate,greed and stupidity are virtues. I see little difference in the rhetoric of Boris, Farage,Patel etc and Trump..The followers obviously don’t either.

    This one article sums up the direction of travel in England. The crowd is being encouraged and wound up here just as effectively as Trump did.


  4. The Astra Zenica vaccine might be less effective than the Pfizer’s but there’s more chance it will reach the public in the condition required by the manufacturer.
    On the other hand there’s no chance the Pffffzer vaccine will arrive with a Union Jack on it!


  5. If they are so intent in applying Geographic Indicators to all things then they should be shouting loud about the Made in England Covid19 variant virus.
    Kent Kovid.

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