but the rate is now lower than it was at Christmas?

STV’s Jenness Mitchell might want to use a different photo for this kind of story unless it really does reflect the mood at STV when they got their hands on this big number headline.

This is classic tabloid statistics where if the number isn’t big enough to impress readers you just add up over a longer period until you get what you want.

As for context that might help the reader understand what is happening in the world they live in, there’s none. Here’s some:

The death rate, over the last 7 days is far lower in Scotland than in other parts of the UK:

The death rate increase is starting to flatten and crucially, for the STV headline, is now lower than it was at Christmas:

On Christmas Day the 7 day average death rate was 5.75 per million. Yesterday is was 5.26. Remember, that means 2-3 fewer people dying each day.

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8 thoughts on “but the rate is now lower than it was at Christmas?

  1. The “official media” perform contortionist standard performances to avoid any comparisons. UK and Scottish data are NEVER shown on the same News programme but above all we are never shown an English only figure.

    They truly believe we are too thick to browse the Internet and find articles such as this one or travelling tabby which are based on verified sources.

    As stated in the article they fall back on the discredited policies of lumping data into bigger buckets or the childish tactic of changing of the scale.

    The MSM seem oblivious to the challenge of the Internet. Their voices are becoming more strident in screaming their “professional status” which looks more and more like a circus clown with a bright red nose demanding acceptance as as brain surgeon. (They often do share the bright red nose to be fair)

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    1. This while the “Scottish Tories are whining for the Scottish vaccine rate to be published.
      The Scottish government should agree, and insist they are placed in context with rUK and alongside 4nations rates of infection and mortality per capita, daily and over the timeline of the infection.

      Context. Perspective. Named sources. All part of normal journalism, but absent from the “Scottish” media.

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  2. Very apt Julia but to be fair our favourite clowns at BBC were adopting the very same technique which of course will continue until at least the English nos start to recede at which time they will beamed far and wide especially if the rate of reduction (albeit unlikely) is higher than Scotland.


  3. Alas, the putrid Britnat media that operates in Scotland, are only interested in propaganda, not actual news reported in context with perspective.


  4. BBC England (99% of the BEEB) are reporting their Masters Voice –*Boris Calling*–on utilising the army to roll out the vaccine in England.

    Using “battle preparedness techniques” (Duh!) according to the Blonde Trump.

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  5. I see that the Scotland section of the BBC News website is reporting that Dumfries & Galloway ate cancelling non-urgent surgery because of the sharp increase in cases of Covid putting a strain on the hospital.
    Doesn’t mention taking patients from Carlisle.

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    1. Nobody pays any attention to BBC Scotland except to figure out Sarah Smith’s latest direction of travel, were I not assured her father was John Smith rather than John Laurie’s Private James Frazer, the reception of her output to cries of “We’re doomed!” and “Rubbish!” would be entirely explicable. 🙄
      There was no mention of cross-border transfers during the FM Update either, so both sides of the border are under stress and it’s a resource problem, and ? D&G are bluntly tiny compared to Cumbria, cancelling non-urgent surgery is the first step in freeing up resources, nothing more.
      Doubtless Glenn Campbell being turned back by Police Scotland as “non-essential travel” to interview Agnes X in Creetown attesting to Zombies wandering the streets will feature on Mis-reporting Scotland directly, with questions being asked “are we becoming a police state” and “what is Sturgeon not telling us” featuring strongly, with the pop-up Linesman monotony platformed yet again…
      It really has become a comedy show…

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      1. Have not seen Sarah Smith on the news for some time. Holidays?

        The amount of cross-border interaction in both directions has probably contributed to the rise as much as anything. But it does show how quickly the situation can change. No one can afford to take their eye of the ball with this virus.

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