A******e drops his r?

I know it’s clickbait but I feel like it.

From the Herald’s ‘Writer at Large’:

Neil Mackay calls us 'terminally dim!' Good one! | Talking-up Scotland  https://www.scoop.it/topic/talking-up-scotland

Am I the a*****e? Forgive the asterisks, but this is a family-friendly newspaper, and even mild cussing is verboten. I doubt, though, anyone is remotely confused about what hides behind those little stars of self-censorship, but, just in case, the best I can say is that the word has two syllables, the first rhymes with ‘pass’ and the second with ‘pole’.

I had to read the whole rambling thing to find out there’s nothing actually about the First Minister beyond the headline and the closing paragraph but I must assume he means she should wonder is she is an a*****e.

I think he’s using the US a*****e rather than the old Scots a*******e, with an r. Is the former more acceptable to the editor these days?

I like a laugh but I’m stuck here. Is she an a-hole because she turns up every day to explain, to be straight with us? Is she an a-hole because Scotland has a far lower infection and death rate? Is she an a-hole because our NHS is not overwhelmed? Is she an a-hole because she takes speedy decisive action? Enlighten me.

Do the Herald owners know if he actually attracts any readers?

22 thoughts on “A******e drops his r?

  1. CAN WE REPORT THIS so-called family rag TO THE OFFICIAL BODY
    FOR REAL JOURNALISM (if there is such an honest thing)

    These “hacks” Are just acting as they do when holding up the BAR
    in the ‘press bar’

    No sense of public at all just guttural filth.

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  2. I listen to these so called journalists at the FM briefings trot out the most idiotic and rambling “questions”. They mostly follow the same pattern..

    Why can’t we have more data weekly then daily soon to be followed by hourly.
    Will you guarenteed…A,B,C…
    We will have trips along the timeline with a total disregard to changes in events A said this in December but B stated something different in January.
    Will will have a selection of dramatic mental health situations all blamed on the FM.

    I had a very low opinion of journalists before this Pandemic but watching these grubby characters trying to engineer a headline has led me to a new low.

    I must mention the bottom feeders who refuse to use the term FM prior to asking their questions. You are not only being rude to the FM, you are insulting Scotland.

    …Journalism mmm…pathetic a…….s!

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  3. I had one exchange with Mackay when he arrived as Sunday Herald editor – a short tenure – in which I discovered he has a chronically nasty temper. I was blocked for asking a question. As for his two-page rants at what he calls ‘cybernats’, and I call public who use Twitter, and then his repulsive attempt to associate Salmond with serial killers, there is no forgiveness in my terms of decency. Ulster man has no standards, not as a mouthpiece for the British state.

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  4. With this sort of character it tends to be projection. What they say about others, is what they are themselves but they project it onto those they have a problem with, usually because that person is more capable, has more talent, more integrity, and is held in high regard for their talents and their work.

    Mackay has a classic affliction with projection, shame he gets to have a voice in the media it’s quite unprofessional, but with these people, their own inadequacies are on display if only they had a mirror.

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  5. Would Davidsons “massive Johnson” and MacKays “a*****e” be one and the same? Depending on how you look at it?

    Of course the REAL a******es on the Herod are Mackay himself, MacKenna, Struan Stevenson.
    I quite like Andy McIver for his reasonableness and sometimes enjoy the utter weirdness of Mark Smiths alternative universe.
    Iain MacWhirter seems to have fallen down the rabbit hole and has taken the Kings ( of the world) shilling.
    Difficult to see a future for this newspaper. They have payed off so many staff, appear to be settled on Tory Unionism, and wish to maintain profit with a narrow and diminishing readership.


    1. In a country where the SNP are by far the largest party, the Herold has no SNP-friendly journalists or commentators in the comment/opinion section.
      Not a single one. Remarkable!

      The estimable Ian McConnell is perhaps the last reputable journalist left, but in the business section.


  6. I think there is a race to the bottom going on between the Herald and the Scotsman.

    The object is to see which once-reputable newspaper will go bust first.


  7. Thank god for the internet. Sites like this have definitely helped boost the cause of Scottish independence. So-called journalists like Mackay can’t accept the fact that their influence is rapidly diminishing. Their britnat desperation is slurping forth from every orifice.


  8. The journalists at the Glasgow herald and the Scotsman are angry because they are losing , what you are seeing is their anger shining through into their writing.
    British nationalists one and all but what came first ?
    The British nationalism or the job ?
    I suspect most of them were British nationalists before they got the job and probably only got the jobs because they were British nationalists .
    They know their jobs are coming to an end they won’t survive
    What’s on the mind of those under fifty is what will they do
    Scottish independence is sinking them
    And that is why they are shouting and swearing


  9. O/T It’s on display again! Just seen a clip during BBC 1’s 6pm news of Keir Starmer. It’s from his TV address on Covid to people in England only at 7pm this evening.

    And there it is again on TV for the second time (at least) in two days – the carefully, stylishly draped Butcher’s Apron!

    I wonder why he only has one flag present behind him whilst the PM has two? I think a true patriot like Mr Starmer deserves at least two!


    1. Candidly, claims of this kind have been made by the Tories since November, including at a recent FMQ session.

      I do think the SG should have provided a more robust and evidence-based response by now (unless I’ve missed it) on the pace of getting financial support out the door. I’ve tried to find data on this both for Scotland and, for comparison, for England and so far I’ve have failed to locate any. (Anyone know?) This leaves open the opportunity for the Tories to continue to make hay!


  10. Majority of votes go to the SNP
    The SNP are the Scottish Gov.

    Only one (daily) paper in Scotland gives support to the SNP.
    What sort of business model is that.
    Where does funding for unionist papers in Scotland come from ?
    Advertising? . . . Fish and chip shops.

    Yesterday on BBC heard that Celtic “hit back” at Scot Gov criticism
    Whilst if the Scot Gov. Address criticism they are “defending”

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