Lib Dems accuse SNP of not curing Covid-19 as quickly as they would

From Tom Gordon in the Herald today:

So in a pandemic year, with construction shut down for months, the mighty Lib Dems would have kept everything on stream. Excuse our laughter.

Anyhow, leaving aside Ms Nolan’s memory of flooding damage last year, almost entirely in England, here’s what I wrote in February 2020, to give readers a bit more context:


I know some poor folk in one Scottish village were flooded out of their homes but we never heard just how many and, other than that, all the Scottish media had were some flooded roads and fields, while in England and Wales, thousands of homes were flooded again.

In the Observer today, SIX prominent academics lined up to blame the Tory Government for its lack of action and to warn of far worse to come.

Meanwhile BBC Scotland did find one woman who had to be rescued from her car but then returned to her disappointingly dry house and preferred to headline the supposed challenge to ‘Sturgeon’s’ leadership, made up entirely by that wee guy they have down in Westminster. See:

Sources tell us that Professor Hugh Pennington has offered to pretend he knows about flood defences if that will help Reporting Scotland out in these difficult times.

This gives me another opportunity to repeat the evidence for Scotland having better flood protection, never mentioned in our NoMedia:

As far back as 2006, researchers at the English College of Estates Management, whose patron is HRH Prince of Wales, made a number of highly encouraging comments about the achievements of the Labour-run Scottish Executive, SEPA and the Local Authorities:

As far as flood protection is concerned, unlike in England, the 1 in 200-year standard of protection is ‘universal’ for all new buildings, with a 1,000-year standard for such vulnerable uses as old people’s homes, schools, hospitals etc. In addition, construction in flood hazard areas has almost completely ended. Crichton (2003: 26) estimates that “the active flood management programme currently in progress will result in almost all high-risk properties being protected against the 200-year flood within the next three years, taking climate change into account.” It is also interesting to note that the Scottish Executive grants for flood defences have never been refused on the grounds of budget restraints and there is no rationing of flood defence spending.

It is clear, however, that the more stringent building standards which are applied in Scotland ensure that severe storms result in much less property damage than comparable events in England. Also, the level of flood protection and the commitment of funding to achieve flood protection are higher in Scotland than in England.’

College of Estates Management at:

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13 thoughts on “Lib Dems accuse SNP of not curing Covid-19 as quickly as they would

  1. “In the Land of the Brain Dead, a Lib Dumb would be King”.
    A half-wit leading the witless.

    That MIGHT be a Wee Wullie.

    Count your blessing you live in Scotland, where the Dumbs are facing an extinction event soon—(though the wildlife park maybe keep a breeding pair for tourists to gauk at).

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  2. There are significant geological differences between Scotland and England which results in large areas of England being far more susceptible to flood in times oh heavy rain, thaw, high tides. In some places, there is a tendency for water to drain towards the centre rather than towards the coast. Such things required continuous pumping. But, in the rabid drive to ‘cut red tape’ and ‘slash waste’ funding was substantially cut. Other areas like the’Somerset Levels’ which are the result of human action over thousands of years have had maintenance reduced. However, dealing with floods in England, in general has been another victim of the ‘austerity’ vandalism.

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    1. True, but there have been some iffy cases of housing developments on flood plains in Scotland due to pressure for building land over the years, the R&BT was hammered twice in the last year due to unprecedented rainfall, and a few burns became torrents threatening smaller communities, nowhere near the devastation visited on England admittedly, but…
      The Tory mantra of slashing central funding has caused serious repercussions over the years…


      1. Undoubtedly, what you say regarding housing developments is true. About15 years ago flooding became frequent in Perth when this had seldom occurred previously. The reason was housing developments upstream on the Tay floodplain. In 1993, flooding in Ferguslie was a result of housing and road building close to Candren Burn.


      2. Not quite so simple, changed use of agricultural land (bog drainage, deforestation,etc.) can have much more devastating consequences on watercourses, add changed rainfall patterns and serious problems can arise, Ballater was a regular victim of that for a while.
        Modern construction practices have long incorporated separate sewerage, surface water containment and flow limitation on the discharge, but are often blamed because they are new.
        In the 1980/90s I was banging in offstream tankage in rural communities across Grampian which hadn’t physically or agriculturally changed much in 100+ years, yet their sewers got flooded out because the stream/river backed up.
        Trying to explain to vexed residents they had suffered three 1 in 100 year storms in 6 weeks was a bit of an uphill battle, but the more we did the more folks understood their weather had changed.


  3. It is not about flooding!

    It is a LibDem screaming squirrel in case you notice how quickly they dumped a core party value like Europe.

    When you are chasing Unionist votes in Scotland you have to dump your European credentials pretty quickly!

    …nobody noticed when they betrayed the students for ministerial cars.
    …everyone has forgotten about the Rose Garden.
    ….what lost seats?…..the BBC still count them as the 3rd Party.

    Blue,Red or Yellow Tory….they all share the same voters now and have to polish their Better Together credentials.

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  4. Wee Wullie Winky rides through the toon in his nighty goon………..looking for anything unrelated to real events so that he can get any headline. What a numptie. Unionists in Scotland will soon be as rare as a Unionist newspaper once we are free. What a great heart warming thought.

    Flooding is bad in many places everywhere. Rivers that used to be dredged are not, farmers no longer clear out drains at the side of roads, councils often do not empty drain sumps, the list goes on. Failed maintenance plus of course some geological erosion causing flood events.

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  5. Cities like Edinburgh, where houses (mini mansions) have sold off part of their massive back gardens so that a new house can be built, and many even small ground floor flats gravel over or pave their gardens, sometimes quite big ones, it never ceases to make me despair seeing those. You can walk down the street near me and almost every single ‘garden’ is paved over, it is an actual huge problem for flooding. The water has nowhere to go, it runs off into drains which then overflow it’s a significant issue in cities like Edinburgh.
    However lawns, grass, covers a huge amount of land on the planet, can’t remember figures but it’s massive, not good for biodiversity. My Tory neighbours hate and despair that my wee damp back garden is not paved over, it’s semi wild, and the bees and other wild life love it. It’s staying that way, it gave me much joy during lockdown last year.

    On the other, main issue of the LibDems, and wee Willie who takes a rather lucrative amount of money from the public purse, Julia is correct, they are given far more of a voice than they deserve, why the hell are they given status of third largest party, when that is a complete fallacy.
    The Libdems have no integrity, since their ‘coalition’ of lies not so very long ago.


  6. Whilst we’re on the subject of the LibDems, there may be interest in this from the website Liberal Democrat Voice published on 1 January, 2021

    The contributor (who for 24 years was a Lib Dem councillor in Cambridgeshire) asks: “Why don’t the Scottish Lib Dems support independence?” Good question – and the btl comments are actually quite interesting.

    The responses divide basically into three: (i) those (a minority) that are straightforwardly against the proposition – some because of their support for (the fantasy of) a federal UK; (ii) those that may oppose the proposition – or are England residents and are neutral on independence – but do support Scotland’s right to hold another referendum; and (iii) those that both support Scotland’s right to another referendum and also see the merits of independence, especially in the context of Brexit.


    I know there may not be many Lib Dem supporters in Scotland nowadays. However, for those there are – and those that might still be persuaded to support the case for a second indy ref and then a ‘yes’ vote – the various points of discussion btl in this article may provide useful insights into how to put the case to the party’s supporters.

    It is clear at least from this small sample of Lib Dem opinion, that views are nothing like as hardline Unionist as Willie Rennie’s!


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