Staying in control

Headlined in the Herald, formerly of Glasgow, Scotland, to help you ‘through this challenging time, quality journalism‘ to help you make sense of the world you’re living near, an ‘ooh big number!‘ story mostly about England:

The (sic) Government has announced that, as of 9am on Tuesday, there had been a further 60,916 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK – the highest daily total reported so far. It brings the total number of cases in the UK to 2,774,479.

Reading those big numbers, I just wouldn’t know what to do with myself.

The Herald brings you quotes from Yvonne Doyle, of Public Health England and in there somewhere a wee ‘Meanwhile in Scotland.’

The Herald doesn’t bring you this stuff about the pandemic in Scotland:

The total is still climbing but the number of daily new cases seems to be flattening over the last 6 days. Might the Scottish Government have acted in time to get control?

Have the other UK governments been a bit indecisive? Is there, sadly, a price to pay for incompetence. Will any resign? Three out of the four first ministers seem to have failed badly compared to the one in……the blue column….oh yes, Scotland.

Protecting the NHS has been important for them all. How have they done?

With 10 times the population, England has 21 times as many Covid patients in hospital. With a smaller population, Wales has many more in hospital.

This does not change what you need to do in this challenging time but it changes how you feel about doing it and whether it seems doable at all.

6 thoughts on “Staying in control

  1. I was thinking about this earlier, and how a governments’ actions in this sort of terrible crisis, can actually wreck many lives, or save many lives, depending on how responsible and competent they are, and how willing they are to do the right thing, or not. It does come down to the right and wrong of the people in power.

    As many have already said, it does not bear thinking about, what would be happening now in Scotland if any of the BritNat parties had been at the helm at Holyrood these few past years, and for the past few months. There would be a much diminished NHS, for a start, there would also be a devil may care, herd immunity attitude, because they would most certainly have followed Johnson’s governments’ disaster capitalism, money before peoples’ lives. Brrrr.

    The people of Scotland know, against all the odds, that their government is not intent on wrecking lives or putting money before people, but the media in their attempts to undermine that more human and humane stance, is utterly disgraceful.

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  2. “Might the Scottish Government have acted in time to get control?” – Ignoring Michelle Ballantyne’s strop over it, probably yes but we’ll only know for sure a week hence plus.
    The obsession with presenting “UK” or any permutation which suits the #10 Spin Factory says little good of the Herod’s journalistic integrity, no effort has been spared down there in hiding the scale of the disaster unfolding, which I’m convinced has only made matters worse, either by design or accident…
    I’m certain I heard Jason Leitch say in the Covid update that in some parts in England infection levels are at 1,200 per 100k which had until recently been relatively low, that is completely obscured by reference to overall UK figures.
    Although intended to example the sudden changes arising from the “new variant”, he was adamant aside the additional precautionary closure of schools etc. that the strategy in place in Scotland could constrain and control it.
    What struck me was why it had not worked there but would work here.
    Even if the alleged increased infectivity is proven true, has the greater problem been about public compliance encouraged by the Prime Malingerer and entourage versus that prevailing in Scotland ?

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    1. As luck would have it, this showed up on Youtube, PQ’s presentation of Leitch comparisons to elsewhere is given the Nick Robinson treatment… “He said nothing…”


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