SNP ratings surge after Sturgeon’s slip

Any slip by the SNP leadership and we read gleeful predictions that support is under threat. Every successive opinion poll seems to suggest unaffected, even increased, support.

So, today’s poll by Deltapoll based on fieldwork on 26th-30th December, the first since the the face mask slip on the 22nd, has SNP support at 49%.

Not that impressive, you may say but Deltapoll consistently find relatively low levels of SNP support compared to other pollsters.

On the 28th November they had the SNP at 39% and the Tories at 31%.

On the 24th October, their sample, had the SNP at 34% and the Tories at 36%!!!

So, 49% for the SNP is a full-blooded surge for their sample. We wonder, is it a bit skewed toward older guys from the Orange Order?

3 thoughts on “SNP ratings surge after Sturgeon’s slip

  1. Absolute full-torrent diahorrea crapping themselves from the Depress and the lunatic fringe of Unionism.

    What they will do when the referendum is won will be very funy.

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