Infection rate in England surges to THREE times that in Scotland: Johnson defends record

The 7 day average infection rate in England is now almost exactly THREE times higher than in Scotland.

In the midst of this scandalous display of fatal incompetence, the Prime Minister was interviewed by BBC’s Andrew Marr. Though he gave Johnson a difficult time at times, he neglected to mention these damning statistics, letting the PM off the hook.

Readers will remember Marr’s earlier use of selective data in an attempt to deny the success of the Scottish Government in controlling the pandemic.

Yesterday, the First Minister took action to control recent increases in the infection rate despite early signs it is beginning to plateau:

Today, the

Putting lives first as we expect she will.

8 thoughts on “Infection rate in England surges to THREE times that in Scotland: Johnson defends record

  1. Colin McKay on STV News just said that the infection rate in Scotland was over 500. Did I mishear or is he getting his figures from a different source?


  2. The 7 day rates / 100000 you get on uk site are for 5 days prior – when you read the small print it says
    “the period represented is the 7 days ending 5 days before the date when the website was last updated.”

    – using tabby’s up to date 7 day per M comparison gives Englands rate 2.14 times Scotlands – still a lot worse.

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  3. O/T Just watched Keir Starmer being interviewed on C4 News.

    Did we see a clever new wheeze for the Leader of the Opposition to appear ‘prime ministerial’? Mr Starmer was interviewed in front of a carefully, stylishly draped Butcher’s Apron.

    Or is this just another piece in Labour’s framing of the ‘I, Keir Starmer am a patriot’ messaging?

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  4. Seems to be solid, consistent media strategy of Chief Britnat in Waiting. Blair did it and talked about “the nation”. Milliband did it and talked about being an “English nationalist”, being British and a “patriot”. But Stammerer really looks as if he’s trying harder to look like the soht of chep who might be a pwime ministuh some day. He probably poses wi the butchers rag in front of a mirror, which might account for how closely he resembles a finger puppet.

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