Massive support for 2nd Independence REferendum

76.7% of nearly 20 000 in a poll organised by pro-Union twitter group Save Our Union (202 followers) has expressed support for holding a second referendum on independence.

The group now insists the poll has been shared in the main by Scottish Nationalists and may even have been manipulated.

SOU is followed by Mark Reckless MS, Effie Deans, several ex-Army folk and one Orthodox Pentecostal Bishop.

8 thoughts on “Massive support for 2nd Independence REferendum

  1. And 2 days to go… 🀣 Priceless…
    “The group now insists the poll has been shared in the main by Scottish Nationalists and may even have been manipulated” – Ah, the sound of shrinking sphincters…

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  2. The “Save our EU Union”?—nope.
    The “Save our Union” Boris marriage? —nope.
    The “Save our trades Union”? –nope.
    The “Save our Union of the Crowns”? Nope, the Monarch has only England-relevant titles and ceremonials.

    Perhaps its a “Save our Onion”–that would bring a tear to their eye.

    Wont be long till Nellie Oliver et al, click on NO —and repeat, repeat, repeat. It isnt only in America democracy is under threat.

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  3. I heard a bit of ‘The Westminster Hour’ on Radio 4 last night. It is pretty much an incestuous self-justification circle amongst BBC types and MPs and journalists. Occasionally there is an SNP MP on. Last night towards the end they spoke about the forthcoming elections in May, in rather ominous – i.e. ominous for the union – tones. The was a Tory and a Labour MP on and both were asked to comment on whether Scotland should be ‘allowed’ to hold a referendum. The answers from each was virtually identical – as if they were reading from the same script. The Labour MP had been talking earlier about how Labour planned a major constitutional reform because people had to be able to have a say. Apparently she saw or was unaware of any contradiction between what she had said earlier, compared to what she was saying about Scotland. Of course the bumptious BBC presenter did not challenge her.


    1. If anything shows the vast gulf between the European Union and England’s then the idea that a constituent member has to gain permission to leave says it all.
      Imagine the outrage if England had been told that unless Brussels authorized it,they could not hold a referendum to leave.
      England’s Union belongs in the 18th Century not the 21st.

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