Go on Graham, tell them. They’re adults. They can handle it

Last night, BBC Reporting Scotland’s Graham Stewart almost told us the facts:

The prevalence of the virus in Scotland may be much lower than it is in England, but cases here have nonetheless doubled over recent weeks. Today 2 464 new cases were reported. That’s up 327 on yesterday and represents 15.2% of all those tested.

Yes, yes, dad. We know. It’s still a lot. No house parties. You don’t have to keep telling us. How much lower is it than in England? Tell us?

Say the prevalence of the virus in Scotland was higher, say twice as high, you’d tell us wouldn’t you? So why not tell us how much lower it is? It’s not a secret is it?

Wait, I’ve found it:

So, the daily average over the last 7 days is 188 per 100 000 in Scotland and 476 in England? That nearly three times higher! Wow, isn’t that big news?

Is there a graph to show that? Oooh, here’s one showing the total increase over the last 7 days:

Why didn’t you use those data Graham? Not in the public interest? You don’t trust your viewers. They’d think Nicola was managing things better than Boris?

Nearly two years ago in a rare communication a BBC Reporting Scotland reporter had a go at responding to my then recent piece on how a BMA study undermines their agenda on NHS targets:

Stewart tweeted back to me defending his show’s repeated presentation of the actual percentage meeting waiting time targets and reminding ‘citizens’ of the level of failure:


Do you think citizens can judge performance in suppressing a virus? If not, why not?

12 thoughts on “Go on Graham, tell them. They’re adults. They can handle it

  1. The BBC and BBC Scotland operate under the stipulation of preserving the Union.
    All their cloth must be cut to suit the Emperors New Clothes.
    So, if their reports are bare on facts, it’s because Boris is in the scud.

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  2. I do not watch BBC Scotland, I used to. Hardly ever watch the London version at 6pm either.

    I did this as it was proving expensive to keep having to purchase new TV’s. My doctor also advised me not to watch any Unionist new broadcasts for blood pressure reasons.

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    1. “My doctor also advised me not to watch any Unionist new broadcasts for blood pressure reasons.”

      Sorry to be completely off topic but that reminded me of something Tommy Docherty once said. His doctor advised him not to do any job that involved football. Docherty said that prompted him, after some thought, to take the job of managing Wolverhampton Wanderers

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  3. “Why didn’t you use those data Graham? Not in the public interest?”

    I suspect Graham knows very little about Florian Krammer. Should SAGE know better? Florian Krammer is Professor at the Department of Microbiology
    Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. He says on twitter:

    “Florian Krammer
    · 16h
    1) If we want to generate difficult viral escape mutants in the lab (e.g. for epitope mapping), we subject the virus to low antibody pressure and then slowly move up. A little bit like after one vaccine dose. I think it would be good to give the second dose as soon as possible.
    Show this thread”


  4. England has been lied to about Covid from the get go, even now when the story is leaking out of the scale of the public health disaster, the Tories are spinning the story of salvation just around the corner with mass immunisation and pushing Pacific Quay to shove the “Scotland is failing” line under folks’ noses.
    The vast majority of Scots know what the truth is, it’s not coming from Scottish media, and BBC Scotland is lead bullshitter .

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