Top public health expert reveals Scotland’s superior Covid performance

Linda Bauld - Wikipedia

Professor Bauld is only stating the facts in the way that Andrew Marr likes to kid himself he does too but, in the wider political world in which we all live but which, I know, she is less comfortable in, it’s rare.

UK media rarely compare the performance of the 4 Nations in any way which might draw attention to the awful performance of the Conservative Government in England. Try, for example, finding the data for England in media broadcasts. BBC websites give the figures for the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, leaving you to do the arithmetic to reveal the true horror of the situation in England.

BBC Reporting Scotland and the Herald will never present you with comparative data so that you might put the Scottish data into any kind of perspective.

Today, buried in a Herald interview, Professor Bauld said:

Hospital ICU capacity in Scotland is still in a pretty good state and we have already committed to being able to double that if we have to.


If you look at increases per country over the last seven days and cases per 100 000, in Scotland you are sitting at around 160, in Wales they are well up over 400 and heading towards 500. In England about 440 and Northern Ireland 370.

Readers here have known this for months but Herald readers might have been shocked to see it. Professor Bauld’s words are not being repeated anywhere else that I can see.

5 thoughts on “Top public health expert reveals Scotland’s superior Covid performance

  1. Disgraceful media in the U.K.

    I only hope that in an independent Scotland that we have text in a written constitution which prohibits such awful performance of distortion and lies. All media must be owned by a person permanently living in Scotland.

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  2. Add to the daily rags omitting crucial info and facts and twisting things around to continue their demonising of the SNP, the ridiculous fact that Scotland is banned from having their own broadcasting powers. The scammers in writing up devolution must have been laughing their BritNat socks off, in making sure the broadcasting and telecommunications powers were reserved to the EngGov! It could hardly be less democratic, those who control the media…etc.


  3. O/T I note with interest a statement from Gibraltar’s Chief Minister – The New Year’s Eve ‘In-Principle’ Agreement: A Post Brexit Deal for Gibraltar’ (December 31, 2020)
    In welcoming the conclusion of a post-Brexit agreement between the UK and Spain over Gibraltar, the Chief Minister makes much of the issue of mobility of people across borders.

    He writes: “As we enter the third decade of the third millennium, WE COULD NOT ALLOW (my emphasis) a backwards step in the mobility of people to become the new normal. As the world becomes more united, we could not see ourselves more cut off from the physical continent of Europe. That was the call of the twenty-first century. The call which we have all found irresistible. The call we owed it to future generations to answer with bravery and determination as we have.”

    When Gibraltar’s Chief Minister states “we could not allow …” what springs immediately to mind is how fortunate are the people of (tiny) Gibraltar and their government to have sufficient agency NOT TO ALLOW something – anything – relating to Brexit. So far on Brexit and its fall-out we in Scotland are expected by Unionists to just suck it up!

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