Covid infection rate falls again to less than half UK rate

New cases, in Scotland, have fallen in the last 24 hours by more than 400 to 2 137. This is the second fall in the last 48 hours. Like the Herald, BBC Scotland was quick to headline the facts:

BBC England haven’t even bothered to tell you the UK figures:

I can’t find the UK or English figures. There were 53 285 cases across the UK in the previous 24 hours. That’s 25 times the rate in Scotland. The UK has just over 12 times the population of Scotland so the infection rate is more than twice per head of population.

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16 thoughts on “Covid infection rate falls again to less than half UK rate

  1. “I can’t find the UK or English figures.” See the link below. This now a useful source and especially for data disaggregated for each of the four nations: so The BBC has absolutely no excuse for not providing the stats for England!

    For 2 January, the UK official daily data on new cases (by date reported) gives this:
    England: 49,248
    NI: 3,576
    Scotland: 2,137 (the figure quoted in the blog above)
    Wales: 2,764

    So for 2 January, the number of new cases in Scotland is 4.3% of the equivalent figure for England.

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    1. That’s a staggering difference. If this was reversed the EngGov and their compliant media would have a field day. The SNP would not last five minutes in government.
      It’s a terrible situation in England, the EngGov and media are an utter disgrace for undermining the seriousness of this deadly virus, from the start really. For a government to be effective, they need to have the whole situation in hand, giving people the best advice, to make informed decisions, and have all health measures in place, and money should be no object in dealing with this dreadful virus. The English (UK) government are doing the opposite, which is terrifying.
      The Scottish government have so far dealt with this very competently, given they are working against the odds of having to tip toe around the incompetent Eton mess at Westminster.

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  2. I don’t think the UK government can get hold of this new varaint.

    Test and trace is not adequate. There may be small percentages of people isolating so the spread is uncontrollable.

    The lateral flow tests give false negatives which makes worse the inadequacies of the test, trace, isolate scheme.

    The increased infectivity of the new variant makes the tier system abd lockdown less effective.

    There are “hints” that the new variant seems to be more infective among children.

    Some of these effects will influence how Scotland may control the new variant.

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  3. The UK government’s website reporting Covid-19 stats also gives “COVID-19 patients in mechanical ventilation beds“.


    It notes: “Data from the four nations may not be directly comparable as data about COVID-19 patients in hospitals are collected differently.” I can’t see further information on this on the website.

    The most recent date when information on this metric is given for both England and Scotland is 29 December. On day:

    England =1,728 patients

    Scotland = 65 patients

    So the number of patients in mechanic ventilation beds in Scotland on 29 December was 3.8% of the number in England.

    The same UK government source provides more recent data for England, specifically for 1 January. The number of patients in ‘mechanical ventilation beds’ on that day was 1,940, an increase of 212 over the figure for 29 December.


  4. Off topic, but has anyone seen the informationin the national about the UK government plan to delay the second dose of the vaccine infavour ofgiving more people the first one? I have looked at the BBC and Guardian webites but there is nothing. The suggestion is that people will have to wait months for the second dose despite having been given an appointment for it.
    This is against the advice of Pfizer, the manufacturer, who say that there is no data to support the efficacy of the first vaccine lasting beyond 21 days. That could mean the gap that UKgov suggest renders the first dose useless.
    The trumpeting of the UK being the first country in Europe to use the vaccine turns out to have been a distraction as there has been no proper follow through. I think this is scandalous, so why is it not being reported?


  5. I don’t know about the reporting, but it is clear that many in the medical profession are absolutely seething with rage.


  6. If you want full data sets, see Travelling Tabby’s public spreadsheet, or try to find the specific data you want via his website. Some trends (caveats: Limited data over the Christmas & New Year period):


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