Leading academics make compelling case for autonomy

Two professors of public health at Edinburgh University, Linda Bauld and Devi Sridhar may not be calling explicitly for Scottish independence but the logic of the evidence they present is clear.

The pandemic is helping to articulate the all-too-sensible basis for countries like Scotland having control of their borders and, we must hope, tipping the formerly unsure into the campaign for normalisation.

Like Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland we can still be best friends with the New England and support it in its transition to normality after the defeat of Conservatives by the New English Social Democratic Alliance in 2024.

3 thoughts on “Leading academics make compelling case for autonomy

  1. This is the most explicitly political a statement I have heard from any academic associated with the management of the pandemic.

    I and others have had some doubts about the political inclinations of Professor Bauld in the past week or so, but this tweet certainly dispels concerns that she was tailoring messages to suit the UK-wide news agenda.

    I think for both Professor Bauld and Professor Sridhar, there has been a political education over the course of 2020 relating to the relationship between the devolved governments and Westminster.

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  2. Please add Christina Pagel to your list.

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