The fatal incompetence of political leadership

Inverclyde is the 232nd most infected part of the UK, Dundee is the 297th and all other parts are below the 300 most infected.

The fatal incompetence of political leadership in England, Wales and sadly, soon in Northern Ireland is clear.

6 thoughts on “The fatal incompetence of political leadership

  1. Healthy New Year John and thank you for your continued efforts to inform people of the facts.
    No question that adherence to public health advice has a direct impact on infection rates and that adherence stems from clear communications from our political leadership.
    Let’s hope Scots continue to listen,especially now as it seems vaccination may take longer than expected.


  2. Travelling Tabby has done a truly optimal job in presenting the data for this pandemic. Superior to anything I’ve seen from the U.K. government, the BBC and the entire UK press.

    Well done for showing this accurate and informative map. Everyone in Scotland should see it.

    There is zero chance of it appearing anywhere in the UK media.


  3. John Bye
    have only authorised Innova lateral flow tests “to be used to find positive cases”, NOT “for use in a ‘test to enable’ scenario”.

    “Any other use of the kit is outside of MHRA’s remit and at the manufacturer’s own risk.”

    is classed as the manufacturer.


  4. Anthony Costello tweets about some research.

    “The take home message is that where transmission remains high, viral mutations are more likely, which could change transmission rates, virulence or induce vaccine resistance.”


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