Public Health Expert’s comments on Scotland’s superior Covid performance buried by Herald reporter

I’ve previously questioned Professor Linda Bauld’s willingness to fully credit the Scottish Government and the Scottish people for their achievement in keeping infection and death levels significantly lower than in England and Wales.

Today in the Herald, you’d be forgiven for thinking her assessment of the situation to be, once more, sufficiently pessimistic and context-free to suit the dominant media agenda, but her comments have been buried ‘down the page’ where many readers do not go.

She did say:

Bauld could, of course, have indicated ‘why our rates are significantly lower than they are elsewhere in the UK’ but at least she has contradicted her comment to Sky when she said: It’s not that we’ve done better in this pandemic ..’

A small step but a step in the right direction, nevertheless.

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10 thoughts on “Public Health Expert’s comments on Scotland’s superior Covid performance buried by Herald reporter

  1. 1) At present, when the virus is making a resurgence, hiding the better position in Scotland may be doing us all a favour. Very interesting piece in the Guardian today looking at the psychology around compliance and how it improves when the (perceived) threat level is higher.
    2) Trusts is still a current term in England and while they were briefly set up in Scotland as the ‘Internal Market’ was never adopted they were dissolved in 2004

    BTW I find the Guardian insightful for commentary and comment about matters in England and Westminster. However,if my interpretation of the following piece is correct, it has an institutional bias against devolved matters in Scotland as it feels threatened by the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon


  2. The fact is we have a sorry state of affairs in Scotland we have English people in positions of authority throughout our schools universities local authorities NHS and all manner of public agencies doing jobs that Scottish people could be doing.
    Not accidental.
    Not coincidental.
    Not natural appointments
    This has happened because England’s Westminster from the very top has given jobs to English people who are britnats these britnats then employ other English britnats and on and on down the chain it goes.
    Then we have HM Forces and the Police where much the same thing happens

    Talking of “take back control “
    That’s exactly what Scotland will have to do once Scotland is independent so that we can ensure that these people in positions of power in Scotland do not continue to use their position against Scotland and against Scottish people .
    We will end their cosy arrangement

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    1. Have to agree and what about the thousands of English civil servants now operating in Edinburgh. Do they travel back and forth between Scotland and England during a pandemic? There could be a spike in Scotland when those who have taken the liberty to cross the border over the holidays, return. So just as the schools are due to back. It’s not looking great at all right now with the EngGov mismanagement of the vaccine, utter shambles .


  3. You’d think Prof Bauld would know that Scotland does not have ‘trusts’. Anyway, what she did say, should be headline news in Scotland, no room for complacency in how this virus could spread further, but the ScotGov should be given credit where it’s due, pigs will fly before that when it comes to the BritNat media.

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